School Closings - At a Glance

For tomorrow, Wednesday January 19, 2022 - as of Jan 18, 7:59pm

(Only county-wide announcements are listed here.)
CountyStatusLast updated
BarbourNon-traditionalJan 18, 6:10pm
Berkeley2 hr delayJan 18, 5:18pm
Boone2 hr delayJan 18, 7:05pm
Braxton3 hr delayJan 18, 6:53pm
BrookeRemote learningJan 18, 3:24pm
Cabell2 hr delayJan 18, 4:44pm
Calhoun3 hr delayJan 18, 5:15pm
Clay3 hr delayJan 18, 5:49pm
DoddridgeNon-traditionalJan 18, 4:43pm
Fayette2 hr delayJan 18, 6:24pm
Gilmer2 hr delayJan 18, 5:35pm
Grant3 hr delayJan 18, 6:22pm
Hampshire2 hr delayJan 18, 5:41pm
Hancock2 hr delayJan 18, 6:51pm
Hardy3 hr delayJan 18, 5:01pm
HarrisonClosedJan 18, 2:59pm
JacksonNon-traditionalJan 18, 3:51pm
Jefferson2 hr delayJan 18, 6:35pm
Kanawha2 hr delayJan 18, 6:12pm
LewisNon-traditionalJan 18, 7:37pm
Lincoln2 hr delayJan 18, 6:35pm
Logan2 hr delayJan 18, 5:26pm
MarionClosedJan 18, 4:30pm
MarshallClosedJan 18, 7:32pm
MasonNon-traditionalJan 18, 4:25pm
McDowell3 hr delayJan 18, 6:00pm
Mercer2 hr delayJan 18, 7:17pm
Mineral2 hr delayJan 18, 5:35pm
Monroe2 hr delayJan 18, 7:42pm
Morgan2 hr delayJan 18, 4:12pm
Nicholas3 hr delayJan 18, 6:42pm
Ohio2 hr delayJan 18, 5:55pm
Pendleton3 hr delayJan 18, 4:35pm
PleasantsClosedJan 18, 6:47pm
Pocahontas3 hr delayJan 18, 5:36pm
PrestonNon-traditionalJan 18, 6:07pm
Putnam2 hr delayJan 18, 6:15pm
RaleighRemote learningJan 18, 5:41pm
Randolph3 hr delayJan 18, 4:58pm
RitchieNon-traditionalJan 18, 3:02pm
RoaneClosedJan 18, 3:58pm
Summers2 hr delayJan 18, 6:57pm
TaylorNon-traditionalJan 18, 3:24pm
TuckerNon-traditionalJan 18, 5:10pm
TylerClosedJan 18, 6:21pm
UpshurClosedJan 18, 4:52pm
Wayne2 hr delayJan 18, 5:16pm
Webster3 hr delayJan 18, 5:32pm
WetzelClosedJan 18, 5:00pm
WirtNon-traditionalJan 18, 5:48pm
WoodClosedJan 18, 5:58pm
Wyoming3 hr delayJan 18, 3:16pm
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--- Closed
--- Early dismissal
--- Fully remote
--- Non-traditional learning

Also available: Private school closings

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