School Closings / Delays / Dismissals - Private Schools

For today, Thursday March 5, 2015 - as of Mar 5, 7:17am
SchoolClosedDelayedDismissalLast updated
Greenbrier: Seneca Trail Christian AcademyYesNoNoMar 4, 8:47pm
Greenbrier: Greenbrier Episcopal SchoolNoYesNoMar 4, 9:37pm
Kanawha: Bible Center SchoolYesNoNoMar 4, 8:31pm
Kanawha: Cross Lanes Christian SchoolYesNoNoMar 4, 7:42pm
Kanawha: Saint Francis Of AssisiYesNoNoMar 4, 7:56pm
Monongalia: Trinity Christian SchoolYesNoNoMar 4, 8:55pm
Putnam: Calvary Baptist AcademyYesNoNoMar 4, 9:06pm

Also available: County school closings

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