WVDE Staff Directory

WVDE Organizational Chart

West Virginia Board of Education

West Virginia Board of Education

  • Office Phone: 304-558-3660
    Office Website: https://wvde.us/state-board-of-education/

  • Stephanie Abraham, Attorney
    (stephanie.abraham@k12.wv.us), phone 558-3660

  • Virginia Harris, Executive Assistant
    (vharris@k12.wv.us), phone 558-3660

  • Office Topics: Policy 1241 - Notice and Conduct of Meetings, Policy 1242 - WV Board of Education Policy Making Process, Policy 1340 - Rules and Procedures for Administrative Hearings and Appeals, Policy 3235 - Definition of Good Cause for Failure to Receive School Board Training, West Virginia Board of Education

State Superintendent of Schools


  • Office Phone: 304-558-2681
    Office Website: https://wvde.us/state-superintendent/

  • David Roach, State Superintendent of Schools
    (superintendent@k12.wv.us), phone 558-2681

  • Darcel Vermillion, Executive Assistant
    (dvermill@k12.wv.us), phone 558-2681

  • Office Topics: Policy 2436.10 - Participation in extracurricular activities, Policy 5500.02 - County Service Personnel Staff Development Councils, State Strategic Plan, Waivers of WVBE Policy

Deputy Superintendent, Academic Achievement & Support

Deputy Superintendent, Administration

  • Office Phone: 304-558-2681
    Office Website:

  • Sara Lewis-Stankus, Deputy Superintendent, Administration
    (sstankus@k12.wv.us), phone 304-558-2681

  • Marlene Price, Program Specialist
    (mprice@k12.wv.us), phone 304-558-2681

Educator Development & Support

Internal Operations

Legal Services

  • Office Phone: 304-558-3667
    Office Website: https://wvde.us/legal-services/

  • James Agee, Investigator
    (james.agee@k12.wv.us), phone 558-3667

  • Kelli Talbott, Attorney
    (kelli.talbott@k12.wv.us), phone 558-3667

  • Office Topics: Administrative Hearings, Freedom of Information Act (FOIAs), Intercounty Student Transfer, Investigations, Level III Conflict Resolution, Level IV Citizen's Appeal, Licensure Denial/ Revocation, Policy 1230 - Freedom of Information Requests, Policy 1241 - Notice and Conduct of Meetings, Policy 1242 - WV Board of Education Policy Making Process, Policy 1340 - Rules and Procedures for Administrative Hearings and Appeals, Policy 3300 - Public Charter Schools, Policy 4200 - Provision of Equal Opportunity in WV Public Schools, Policy 5000 - Procedures for Designated Hiring and Transfer of School Personnel, Policy 5314 - Service Personnel Responsibilities and Performance Standards, Policy 5612 - Use of Personal Leave Benefits with Workers' Compensation Benefits, Policy 7200 - Intercounty Transfer Arrangement, Policy 7211 - Conflict Resolution Process for Citizens, Policy 7212 - Intercounty Student Transfer Appeal, School Law Books, Superintendent's Interpretations

Human Resources

  • Office Phone: 304-558-2702
    Office Website: https://wvde.us/human-resources/

  • Taran Wolford, Director
    (taran.wolford@k12.wv.us), phone 558-2702

  • Teresa Conner, Program Specialist
    (tconner@k12.wv.us), phone 558-2702

  • Brenda Freed, Program Specialist
    (bfreed@k12.wv.us), phone 558-2702

  • Marlena Mullins, Program Specialist
    (mdmullins@k12.wv.us), phone 558-2702

  • Office Topics: Staffing/Recruitment; Onboarding for New Employees; Employee Relations/EEO; HRMS/Employment Records Management; WVDE Policy Compliance; Title IX; FMLA/PLA; Worker’s Compensation; Employee Payroll & Benefits; WVDE Parking


  • Office Phone: 304-558-7010
    Office Website: https://wvde.us/certification/

  • Robert Hagerman, Director
    (rhagerma@k12.wv.us), phone 558-7010

  • Mona Bowe, Program Assistant
    (mbowe@k12.wv.us), phone 558-7010

  • Emily Curry, Coordinator
    (emily.curry@k12.wv.us), phone 558-7010

  • Brad Fittro, Coordinator
    (bfittro@k12.wv.us), phone 558-7010

  • Tabetha Gillespie, Coordinator
    (tabetha.gillespie@k12.wv.us), phone 558-7010

  • Christina Haymaker, Coordinator
    (chaymaker@k12.wv.us), phone 558-7010

  • Sherri Hudnall, Program Assistant
    (shudnall@k12.wv.us), phone 558-7010

  • Julie Morris, Coordinator
    (jlmmorri@k12.wv.us), phone 558-7010

  • Naomi Taylor, Program Assistant
    (naomi.taylor@k12.wv.us), phone 558-7010

  • Lori Wilson, Coordinator
    (llbuchan@k12.wv.us), phone 558-7010

  • Office Topics: Licensure; Certification; Alternative Certification; Advanced Salary Classification; WV Commission for Professional Teaching Standards; National Board fees and Tuition Reimbursement; Salary Supplements (Professional Teaching and Student Support); Background Checks; Title II (Higher Education and County Schools); Future Leaders Program (WV National Guard); Teacher Shortage


Office of Federal Programs & Support

Officer of Federal Programs & Support

  • Office Phone: 304-558-7805
    Office Website:

  • Melanie Purkey, Federal Programs Officer
    (mpurkey@k12.wv.us), phone 304-558-7805

ESEA Programs

  • Office Phone: 304-558-7805
    Office Website:

  • Sheri Fulks, Program Assistant
    (shoylman@k12.wv.us), phone 304-558-7805

  • Mami Itamochi, Coordinator
    (mitamochi@k12.wv.us), phone 304-558-7805

  • Elizabeth McCoy, Program Specialist
    (eamccoy@k12.wv.us), phone 304-558-7805

  • Michelle Moore-Leftwich, Coordinator
    (mmoore@k12.wv.us), phone 304-558-7805

  • Laura Pauley, Director
    (lepauley@k12.wv.us), phone 304-558-7805

  • Carrie Reeves, Coordinator
    (cbreeves@k12.wv.us), phone 304-558-7805

  • Office Topics: State Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) Plan, Grant administration and monitoring for all ESEA Programs (Title I, Title II – High Quality Instruction, Title III- English Language Learners, Title IV-A Academic Enrichment, Title V- Rural and Low Income Schools), WV International School, County Strategic Plans, Grants and Planning System (GPS) Technical Assistance, Pandemic Education Stabilization Funding (ESSER, EANS, and GEER), ESSA Foster Care Point of Contact, Equitable Service Ombudsman

Student Support & Well-being

Child Nutrition

Special Education

Office of Support & Accountability

Officer of Support & Accountability

  • Office Phone: 304-558-3199
    Office Website: https://wvde.us/support-accountability/

  • Charlene Coburn, Accountability Officer
    (ccoburn@k12.wv.us), phone 304-558-3199

  • Jenelle Brooks, Secretary IIIA
    (jmosley@k12.wv.us), phone 304-558-3199

  • Travis Gibson, Program Specialist
    (travis.gibson@k12.wv.us), phone 304-558-3199

  • Office Topics: Policy 5309 - County Superintendent Performance Evaluations, Policy 5800 - Rules for Required Qualities, Proficiencies and Leadership Skills for Principals and Superintendents, Accountability

Charter School Support

Leadership Development & Support

  • Office Phone: 304-558-8098
    Office Website: https://wvde.us/leadership-system-support/

  • Drew McClanahan, Director
    (dmcclanahan@k12.wv.us), phone 304-558-8098

  • Jessica Austin, Coordinator
    (jessica.austin@k12.wv.us), phone 304-558-8098

  • Derek Lambert, Manager
    (drlambert@k12.wv.us), phone 304-558-8098

  • Kerri Templeton, Coordinator
    (ktempleton@k12.wv.us), phone 304-558-8098

  • Jody Wilkinson, Program Specialist
    (jwilkinson@k12.wv.us), phone 304-558-8098

  • Office Topics: Policy 5800 - Standards of Professional Practice for WV Superintendents, Principals, and Teacher Leaders; Beginning and Aspiring Principal Leadership Network; Experienced Principal Leadership Network; Evaluation Leadership Institution (ELI); WV Standards for Effective Schools; Policy 4373 - Expected Behavior in Safe and Supportive Schools; Discipline; Bullying; Safe Schools; School Culture; Student Code of Conduct; West Virginia School Learning Environment Survey (WVSLES)

School Improvement


  • Office Phone: 304-558-3199
    Office Website:

  • Matthew Hicks, Director
    (mhicks@k12.wv.us), phone 304-558-3199

  • Jonah Adkins, Coordinator
    (jwadkins@k12.wv.us), phone 304-558-3199

  • Alexandra Criner, Coordinator
    (alexandra.criner@k12.wv.us), phone 304-558-3199

  • Stacey Murrell, Coordinator
    (slmurrell@k12.wv.us), phone 304-558-3199

  • Office Topics: State System of Support (SSOS); WV Standards for Effective Schools; Accountability Technical Support; Annual School Accreditation; Annual County Approval Status; Special Circumstance Reviews; Monthly Meetings with Counties Following Reviews; Technical Assistance and Support for Low Performing Counties; Schools of Excellence; Blue Ribbon Schools; Local School Improvement Councils (LSICs); Crisis Intervention Plans; Policy 5902 - Employee Code of Conduct; Local School Board Annual Appraisal

Office of Teaching & Learning

PK-12 Academic Support

Officer of Teaching & Learning

  • Office Phone: 304-558-8098
    Office Website: https://wvde.us/teaching-learning/

  • Sonya White, Teaching & Learning Officer
    (snjwhite@k12.wv.us), phone 558-8098

  • Denise Husson, Secretary IIIA
    (dhusson@k12.wv.us), phone 558-8098

  • Office Topics: Content Standards/Instruction for pre-K through grade 12, Regulations for Education Programs, Policy 2510 Series (content standards) West Virginia statewide general assessment program, Instructional Resources, Professional Learning, Educator Development and Support, West Virginia Virtual School

Student Enrichment

  • Office Phone: 304-558-8099
    Office Website: https://wvde.us/middle-secondary-learning/

  • Joey Wiseman, Director
    (rjwisema@k12.wv.us), phone 558-8099

  • Gloria Burdette, Coordinator
    (gkburdet@k12.wv.us), phone 558-8099

  • Jennie Gill, Secretary IIIA
    (jennifer.l.gill@k12.wv.us), phone 558-8099

  • Deborah Justice, Program Specialist
    (djustice@k12.wv.us), phone 558-8099

  • Karen Linville, Coordinator
    (karen.linville@k12.wv.us), phone 558-8099

  • Raymond Lowther, Coordinator
    (ray.lowther@k12.wv.us), phone 558-8099

  • Debora Nicholson, Coordinator
    (dlnichol@k12.wv.us), phone 558-8099

  • Jennifer Schwertfeger, Coordinator
    (jlschwertfeger@k12.wv.us), phone 558-8099

  • Office Topics: Advanced Placement & Dual Credit, Arts Alive, Golden Horseshoe, Graduation Requirements & Academic Counseling, Fit and Active Challenge, Course Codes, Governor’s Schools, Home School, Innovation in Education, Non-Public Schools, Coordination of the WV STEAM Technical Assistance Center housed at WVU, WV Virtual School, Credit Recovery, World Languages, State Science and Social Studies Fairs, WV Academic Showdown


  • Office Phone: 304-558-2546
    Office Website: https://wvde.us/assessment/

  • Vaughn Rhudy, Director
    (vrhudy@k12.wv.us), phone 304-558-2546

  • Vickie Baker, Coordinator
    (vbaker@k12.wv.us), phone 304-558-2546

  • Timothy Butcher, Coordinator
    (tbutcher@k12.wv.us), phone 304-558-2546

  • Carrie Christy, Secretary IIIA
    (cchristy@k12.wv.us), phone 304-558-2546

  • Joseph Mastracci, Coordinator
    (jmastracci@k12.wv.us), phone 304-558-2546

  • Jason Perdue, Coordinator
    (jperdue@k12.wv.us), phone 304-558-2546

  • Sonja Phillips, Coordinator
    (sonja.phillips@k12.wv.us), phone 304-558-2546

  • Office Topics: West Virginia General Summative Assessment, West Virginia Alternate Summative Assessment, High School College- and Career-Readiness Assessment, Interim and Diagnostic Assessments, NAEP, International Assessments (i.e., TIMMS, PISA, PIRLS, etc.), Test Security

Office of Data Management & Information Systems

Officer of Technology

  • Office Phone: 304-558-8869
    Office Website:

  • Timothy Conzett, Technology Officer
    (tim.conzett@k12.wv.us), phone 304-558-8869

  • Amanda Netzer, Program Assistant
    (anetzer@k12.wv.us), phone 304-558-8869

  • Office Topics: E-Rate, Technology System Specialists, Tools for Schools, County Technical Assistance

Data Analysis & Research

Infrastructure & Network Operations

WV Education Information System (WVEIS)

Office of School Operations

Officer of School Operations

  • Office Phone: 304-558-2691
    Office Website:

  • Sharon Newhouse, Secretary IIIA
    (snewhouse@k12.wv.us), phone 304-558-2691

  • Samuel Pauley, School Operations Officer
    (sepauley@k12.wv.us), phone 304-558-2691

School Facilities

School Transportation

School Finance

Office of Educational Innovation

Officer of Educational Innovation

Career Technical Education

  • Office Phone: 304-558-2389
    Office Website: https://wvde.us/technical-education/

  • Rick Gillman, Director
    (rgillman@k12.wv.us), phone 558-2389

  • Kari Brown, Coordinator
    (kari.brown@k12.wv.us), phone 558-2389

  • Deanna Canterbury-Penn, Coordinator
    (dpenn@k12.wv.us), phone 558-2389

  • James Coble, Coordinator
    (jcoble@k12.wv.us), phone 558-2389

  • Timothy Elliott, Coordinator
    (tbelliott@k12.wv.us), phone 558-2389

  • Sally Finchum, Program Specialist
    (sfinchum@k12.wv.us), phone 558-2389

  • Patricia Givens, Program Assistant
    (pgivens@k12.wv.us), phone 558-2389

  • Ellen Killion, Coordinator
    (ekillion@k12.wv.us), phone 558-2389

  • Tami Maynard, Coordinator
    (tmmaynar@k12.wv.us), phone 558-2389

  • Frank Tetrick, Coordinator
    (ftetrick@k12.wv.us), phone 558-2389

  • Ashley Torres, Coordinator
    (atorres@k12.wv.us), phone 558-2389

  • Kelly Turley, Secretary IIIA
    (kturley@k12.wv.us), phone 558-2389

  • Sarah Wamsley, Coordinator
    (swamsley@k12.wv.us), phone 558-2389

  • Office Topics: Secondary CTE Funding and Accountability, CTE Instructor Certification, Policies 2520.13, 2444.4 and 3232, CTE Skills Sets and Standards, CTE Program Development, Simulated Workplace, Student Industry Credentials, Career Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs), Discover Your Future, Embedded Credit, Albert Yanni Scholarships, National Technical Honor Society, WV Welcome, High School Equivalency Testing, Option Pathway, Nursing Pathway, Entrepreneurship Pathway and B&I Technical Assistance

CTE Services & Support

  • Office Phone: 304-558-2389
    Office Website: https://wvde.us/governors-economic-initiatives/

  • Adam Canter, Director
    (ccanter@k12.wv.us), phone 558-2389

  • Veronica Barron, Coordinator
    (vbarron@k12.wv.us), phone 558-2389

  • Tara Burch, Coordinator
    (tcombs@k12.wv.us), phone 558-2389

  • Cydney Eades, Program Specialist
    (cydney.eades@k12.wv.us), phone 558-2389

  • Angie Gardner, Coordinator
    (angie.gardner@k12.wv.us), phone 558-2389

  • Erik Hawkins, Coordinator
    (erik.hawkins@k12.wv.us), phone 558-2389

  • Alyssa Keedy-White, Coordinator
    (alyssa.keedy@k12.wv.us), phone 558-2389

  • Office Topics: Advanced Career Education (ACE), Classroom 2 Career, CTE/ACE Funding & Accountability, ACE Advantage, Council on Occupational Education (COE) Accreditation, CTE Technical Assessments, CTE WVEIS Support, EDGE, Economic Projects Impacting Communities (EPIC) Grants, Governor’s Workforce Credential, Carl D. Perkins V Grant, Perkins Civil Rights, SREB – Tech Centers That Work (TCTW), Business & Industry Partnerships, US Presidential CTE Scholarships, Service Personnel Competency Testing, Workforce Initiatives and Apprenticeships

Adult Education

  • Office Phone: 304-558-0280
    Office Website: https://wvde.us/adult-education/

  • Mendy Marshall, Director
    (mamarsha@k12.wv.us), phone 558-0280

  • Sandra Adkins, Coordinator
    (sandra.adkins@k12.wv.us), phone 558-0280

  • Timothy Anderson, Coordinator
    (tjanderson@k12.wv.us), phone 558-0280

  • Amy Boggess, Program Assistant
    (albogges@k12.wv.us), phone 558-0280

  • Rebecca Metzger, Coordinator
    (rmetzger@k12.wv.us), phone 558-0280

  • Office Topics: Workforce Investment Opportunity Act (WIOA), Adult Education, High School Equivalency Preparation, Employment and Work Ready Skills, Transition to Post-Secondary Education and Training, Distance Education, Career Pathways, English as a Second Language, Industry Recognized Certifications, US Citizenship Civic Test Prep, Public Service Training, SPOKES and TANF Assessment

WV Schools for the Deaf and the Blind

WV Schools for the Deaf and the Blind

WV Schools of Diversion and Transition

WV Schools of Diversion and Transition