The West Virginia Board Of Education Battles School Safety Issues

March 10, 2005

Charleston W.Va. – The West Virginia Board of Education today announced the creation of a taskforce to research safety issues in all West Virginia schools. The Protect Our Students Taskforce will include Board of Education members and West Virginia Department of Education staff.  

“It is of great concern to the Board that our students are sometimes placed in an unsafe school environment,” said Board President Barbara Fish. “Bullying or any other disrespectful behavior on the part of students or school employees on the playing field or in a classroom is unacceptable and the Board has a responsibility to keep these kids safe.”  

The Protect Our Students Taskforce will initially identify problems and look for solutions to issues that are pervasive in West Virginia schools. If necessary the responsibility of this taskforce may expand as the group investigates collective problems.  

“One Board educational goal is to ensure that all students and school personnel develop and promote responsibility, citizenship, strong character and healthful living,” said Fish. “This goal can only be achieved if we have safe schools.”

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