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WVDE Staff Directory

WVDE Organizational Chart

State Board of Education

State Board of Education304-558-3660

State Superintendent of Schools

State Superintendent of Schools304-558-2681

  • Steve Paine, Superintendent of Schools (, phone 304-558-2681
  • Darcel Vermillion, Executive Assistant to State Superintendent (, phone 304-558-2681

Associate State Superintendent's Office304-558-3762

Office of Superintendent304-558-2118

Office of Legal Services304-558-3667

Division of Teaching and Learning304-558-8098

Division of Technical Ed. & Governor's Economic Initiatives304-558-2346

Division of Support and Accountability304-558-0200

Associate State Superintendent's Office


Office of Communications304-558-2699

Office of Human Resources304-558-2702

Office of Finance and Administration304-558-2691

Office of Internal Operations304-558-2686

Office of School Finance304-558-6300

Office of School Facilities & School Transportation304-558-2711

Division of Teaching and Learning


Office of Assessment304-558-2546

Office of Special Education304-558-2696 or 1-800-642-8541

Office of Technology Integration & Support304-558-7880

Office of Early Learning304-558-9994

Office of Middle/Secondary Learning304-558-5325

Division of Support and Accountability


Office of Education Information Systems304-558-2546

Office of Infrastructure & Network Operations304-558-3705

Office of Certification, Licensure & Professional Preparation1-800-982-2378/304-558-7010

Office of Data Management & Information Systems304-558-8869

Office of Leadership & Continuous Improvement304-558-3199

Office of Quality Assurances304-558-7805

Office of Child Nutrition304-558-3396

Office of Federal Programs304-558-7805

Division of Technical Ed. & Governor's Economic Initiatives


Office of Diversion and Transition Programs304-558-8833

Office of Adult Education 304-558-0280

Office of Technical Education304-558-2348

Office of Governor's Economic Initiatives304-558-2389