WV Board of Education Applauds State Schools For Reaching High Academic Status

November 12, 2004

Charleston, W.Va. – The West Virginia Board of Education today commended state schools and counties that achieved Exemplary and Full Accreditation status.  

During the state Board of Education meeting in Beckley,West Virginia on November 10, the Office of Education Performance Audits (OEPA) reported that 53 counties reached full approval status and 80 percent of all West Virginia schools met either Exemplary or Full Accreditation status. Twenty-nine schools met Exemplary Accreditation and 579 schools met Full Accreditation.  

“We are confident that our schools are performing at high levels,” said Board President Barbara Fish. “It is important that the Board of Education is kept abreast of the status of all of our schools and identify any facilities that may need additional school improvement assistance.”  

Exemplary Accreditation is issued to a school when:  

-Highest 10 percent of students are in the “All Student” subgroup in reading/language arts and mathematics in each category (elementary, middle, high), and the school achieves Adequate Yearly Progress under No Child Left Behind -Attendance is at or above 94 percent -Dropout rate is 3.6 percent or less -Twenty percent or more of students score 3 or above on the writing assessment  

Full Accreditation is issued to a school when:  

-All annual performance measures of student performance (achievement, participation rate, graduation rate and attendance rate) are reached  

“Reaching Exemplary or Full Accreditation status is a great accomplishment,” said OEPA Director Dr. Kenna Seal. “The students, teachers and administrators should be very proud of themselves for reaching such high levels of academic achievement.”  

Meanwhile, the OEPA also reported that 24 schools met Conditional Accreditation, 123 schools met Temporary Accreditation and five schools are Seriously Impaired in part because one of nine subgroups of students may not have met state standards.  

To view the 2004 Rating Report, log onto http://oepa.state.wv.us or contact the OEPA at (304) 558-3788.