West Virginia Board of Education Cuts Through Paperwork

July 20, 2004

Charleston, W.Va. – The West Virginia Board of Education has approved Policy 2320: A process for Improving Education Performance Based Accreditation System. This action aligns West Virginia’s accountability system with House Bill 4001.  

House Bill 4001 was passed by the regular session of the West Virginia Legislature. House Bill 4001 focuses on the process for improving: education standards and accountability measures; the Office of Education Performance Audits; school accreditation and school system approval; and intervention to correct impairments.  

Language in Policy 2320 provides direction as to how the state shall conduct school audits as well as lessens paperwork for school administrators and teachers. The revised policy does away with audits on several topics including work-based learning, health services, special education services, etc. While there are fewer standards, the revised policy has preserved basic requirements so the state can still determine what sections of the school system must improve to fulfill their accountability plans and school improvement plans and ultimately advance student performance and programs.

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