Board Accepts Team's Recommendations, Approves School Closures

November 04, 1999

At its regular monthly meeting held today in Charleston, the West Virginia Board of Education voted to approve the closure of three Kanawha County schools and to accept and approve an improvement consultant team's recommendations on Lincoln County schools.  

"As requested by the Board, the improvement consultant team presented recommendations at today's meeting on how the schools in Lincoln County can be improved," explained State Superintendent Dr. Henry Marockie. "This report includes detailed recommendations to help the county correct the 213 non-compliances cited in the October report from the Office of Education Performance Audits."  

According to the Superintendent, today's report includes specific recommendations to improve the Lincoln County system in all areas, including curriculum offered to students, the cleanliness of facilities, personnel hiring practices and use of instructional time.  

The Board voted to approve three school closures in Kanawha County: Tiskelwah and Oakwood elementary schools and Roosevelt Junior High School.  

"The decision to close a school is probably the most difficult issue that a local school board or the State Board has to confront," said State Board President Cleo P. Mathews. "Closings are extremely difficult because school boards must balance the wants and needs of families and communities with the educational opportunities of students and the financial realities of operating a system with a declining student enrollment."  

Also at today's meeting, Ronald Spencer of Doddridge County was sworn in by the Honorable Larry V. Starcher, Chief Justice of the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals, as a new member on the Board. Spencer replaces Michael Greer, who recently resigned his position.

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