WV Board of Education Streamlines School Policies

April 19, 2004

Charleston W.Va. The West Virginia Board of Education (WVBOE) repealed 21 WVBOE policies during its monthly Board meeting. The policies were identified in an effort to streamline teaching guidelines and educational practices.  

The repealed policies are as follows:  

Policy 1100: Guide to Senate Bill 300 Implementation Policy 1222.1: Joint Policy on Vocational, Technical and Adult Education between the Boards of Education and Regents Policy 2422.10: Inclusion of Safety Education Concepts & Instructional Techniques into School Curricula Policy 2443: Four-Year Educational Plan Policy 2530.10: Career Exploration Learning Outcomes for the 7th & 8th Grades Policy 2540: Criteria of Excellence: Programs for the Education of Exceptional Students Policy 2550: Criteria of Excellence: Educational Support Services Policy 4310A: Curricular and Extra-curricular Activities-West Virginia Schools for the Deaf and the Blind Policy 4322: Uniform Health Record Policy Policy 4333: Education of Children Living More than Two Miles from School or Nearest Bus Route Policy 4334A: Rules and Regulations for the Purchase of School Buses Policy 4334B: School Bus Inspection Policy Statement Policy 4336A: Transportation of School Children Participating in Athletic, Literary and Band Activities Policy 5140: Regulations for the Preparation at Classroom, General Schools, and Clerical Aides Policy 5219.02: Certification of School Nurses Policy 5610: Resolution Regarding Minimum Pay Scales and Employment Terms of School Auxiliary and Service Personnel Policy 5610A: Resolution Establishing Additional Position Titles and Pay Grades for School Auxiliary and Service Personnel Policy 7125: Policy for the Establishment and Operation of Vocational Education Technical Committees Policy 7400.191: School Advisory Councils Policy 8354: Regulation For Charging Specially Funded Projects Unemployment Compensation Benefits by County Boards of Education Policy 8400: Procedure for Investing Proceeds of the State School Board Fund  

The WVBOE also approved revised Policy 4336:West Virginia School Bus Transportation Policies and Procedures Manual. The revised policy includes information regarding the Student and Employee Codes of Conduct and qualification of professional employees transporting students.  

Policy 5112: Athletic Trainers in Public Schools of West Virginia was approved by the Board as well. Policy 5112 provides guidelines that require the employment of athletic trainers for football games and practices in public high schools.  

Finally, the WVBOE approved Policy 2419:Regulations for the Education of Exceptional Students. The proposed revisions to Policy 2419 reflect changes required by the United States Department of Education, Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services, to demonstrate that West Virginia meets all of eligibility requirements of Section 612(a) of the IDEA.

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