Board Takes Action on Lincoln County

October 08, 1999

At its monthly meeting held today at Oak Hill High School, the West Virginia Board of Education voted unanimously to declare that "extraordinary circumstances" exist in Lincoln County Schools circumstances which prompted the Board to declare a "state of emergency" in the system.  

"After receiving the in-depth report from our Office of Education Performance Audits and hearing the recommendation from our staff, the State Board moved decisively to protect students in Lincoln County," State Superintendent Dr. Henry Marockie explained. "The on-site review team which visited Lincoln County in late September cited over 200 deficiencies in areas ranging from hiring practices, teacher certification, curriculum and instruction, and even the cleanliness of the facilities."  

According to Dr. Marockie, the Board voted unanimously that: 1) extraordinary circumstances exist in the county, 2) the school system be granted non approval status, 3) a state of emergency exists in Lincoln County schools, and 4) the State Board would schedule a meeting with the Lincoln County School Board for Friday, October 15, to discuss the findings from the on-site audit.  

The Board also agreed to appoint, as required by law, an improvement consultant team, which will be dispatched to Lincoln County immediately. The team will be responsible for making recommendations to the State Board on how the Lincoln County system can be improved.  

"The education of young people in Lincoln County is too important to waste precious time," the Superintendent said. "With technical assistance from our improvement consultant team, Lincoln County will be expected to make immediate and significant improvement in all areas cited by the report."  

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