New Publication from the Office of Child Nutrition, Let's Play, Incorporates Activity with Healthy Snacks

April 01, 2002

The West Virginia Department of Educationís Office of Child Nutrition announces the long-awaited arrival of Letís Play, a publication designed to incorporate nutrition with fun learning activities for children. The development of the publication was prompted by the increased emphasis on the need for physical activity for both youths and adults.  

Games requiring movement and activities that are fun and creative entice children and adolescents to become physically active without focusing on exercising. Letís Play contains a variety of games, activities, recipes and tips centered around 12 themes ideally suited for the classroom or after-school programs.  

ďHabits learned in childhood often last a lifetime. By establishing healthy habits early, children increase their chances for healthy productive lives,Ē said Dr. David Stewart, State Superintendent of Schools. ďFamilies, schools and communities have a shared role in teaching children healthy eating habits and physical activity. This publication will help children build skills and knowledge, while at the same time encourage active participation and meet their needs and interests.Ē  

Letís Play, which may be purchased through the CTRC Curriculum Lab at Cedar Lakes Conference Center, complements two other publications that encourage healthy lifestyles, Letís Party and Letís Celebrate and supports State Board Policy 4321.1, Standards for School Nutrition. For more information, please contact the Office of Child Nutrition at 558-2708.  

Download Order Form and Sample Lesson (PDF Document)

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