State Board to Meet in Randolph County

September 07, 2001

Please note that this meeting was cancelled.  



The West Virginia Board of Education will hold its regular monthly meeting on Thursday, September 13, in the media center at Elkins High School, 100 Kennedy Drive, Elkins, WV. President Sandra M. Chapman will preside.  

The State Board will meet for a work session beginning at 1:00 p.m., Wednesday,September 12, in the media center at Elkins High. The Board will meet with RESA directors/chairs to discuss views on regionalization of services for county school systems, state aid for RESAs,RESA involvement in staff development activities, and funding for computer repair and modernization. Following the meeting with RESA directors, the State Board will meet with department staff to discuss legislative priorities and revisions to Policy 2520.  

AGENDA September 13, 2001  

8:30 a.m. CALL TO ORDER  




OEPA BUSINESS •Accreditation Status Based on Education Performance Audit of the Cabell County School System •Accreditation Status Based on Education Performance Audit of the Ohio County School System •Strategic Plan 2001-02 •Employee Handbook for Office of Education Performance Audits •2001 Annual Report of the Office of Education Performance Audits  

CONSENT AGENDA ITEMS •Approval of Minutes •Routine Business  

County Boards of Education Budget Supplement/Transfer Requests for 2001-02 Report on Activities of the HVAC Technicians Project CATS Education First Office of Healthy Schools Instructional Technology Report Administrative Technology Report Mingo County Lincoln County High School Diplomas for Veterans Waivers Personnel  


•WV Schools for the Deaf and the Blind Annual Report •Selection Process for Teachers of the Year and Milken Winners •Status of Tomblin v. Gainer •Promotion of Public Education Initiatives Update  


•Request from Hampshire County Board of Education to renew one-year lease for property owned by WVBE •Policy 2340-Statewide Assessment Program •Statewide Staff Development Goals •Medicaid Annual Report •2002 State Administrative Expenses Plan for Child Nutrition •Policy 2520-Content Standards and Objectives •Policy 2421-Discrimination •Policy 5203-National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Certification Reimbursement/Salary Bonus Program •Policy 5202-Minimum Requirements for the Licensure of Professional/Paraprofessional Personnel and Advanced Salary Classifications •Policy 5050-West Virginia Commission for Professional Teaching Standards •Policy 1340-Rules of Procedure for Administrative Hearings and Appeals  

MISCELLANEOUS •Superintendent’s Evaluation  

FUTURE MEETINGS •October 11 in Barbour County