2001 Health Education Workshop Scheduled for June 24-26

May 15, 2001

When: June 24-26, 2001 (Final deadline for registration is June 4, 2001.)  

Where: Charleston Marriott, Charleston, WV  

Who: Health Education Teacher Teams (County Superintendents will select a High School Health teacher and a Health teacher from each of that high school's feeder schools.)  

What: Teachers will share their ideas, needs, and current practices, while learning about research proven "Programs That Work". Following the workshop participants will be able to: * Use a theoretical framework to link their current curriculum with the Health Education IGO's * Discuss the components of research based effective Health Education programs * Align the middle level Health Education curriculum with the high school Health Education curriculum * Utilize a nationally developed Health Education assessment tool to measure student's learning * Develop and implement a plan to improve student's health knowledge, skills, and behaviors.  

Why: Your county will benefit by having a team of teachers that is better prepared to deliver a health education curriculum that meets and exceeds the required state instructional goals and objectives which are based on the state adopted standards for Health Education. Your team will leave with an implementation plan and list of resources that can offer technical assistance throughout the school year and have knowledge of the latest survey results on the behaviors and needs of students.  

Cost: All participant expenses will be paid; lodging, meals, and travel (one vehicle per county). A stipend of $ 125.00 will be paid to each participant. Participants will also have the option of enrolling in 3 hours of graduate credit.  

How: Contact your county superintendent and ask to be selected as a team member.  

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