New Teacher Hiring Policy Passed By Full Board

August 15, 2013

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - The West Virginia Board of Education (WVBE) put its stamp of approval on the new teacher hiring policy. Members unanimously approved Policy 5000: Procedures for Designated Hiring and Transfer of School Personnel during its monthly meeting in Charleston. The policy gives educators a strong voice for the first time ever in hiring a school teaching team.

“We value the involvement of teachers and principals in the hiring process,” said Gayle Manchin, WVBE president.  “We trust they know what their schools need and what their students require to thrive in the classroom environment. This policy not only gives teachers a voice, it is also a stellar example of how the state board is successfully transferring more responsibility to the local level.”

Policy 5000 was out on public comment for 30 days and received nearly 400 responses. Those responses were taken under consideration and updates were presented to the board during today’s meeting. The updated policy can be found at

Policy 5000 gives schools options related to establishing a Faculty Senate recommendation process. Teachers on the Faculty Senate Committee are entrusted to review applicants for a position within their learning facility and make a joint recommendation to the principal and county superintendent.

The policy allows members of the Faculty Senate Committee to determine what teacher qualities and factors are most important for the individual school and students.

Every teacher has the opportunity to take online training to be eligible to participate on the Faculty Senate Committee. Teachers who complete the training and are chosen to serve as a Faculty Senate representative in making hiring recommendations will be compensated for their service outside of the regular work day.   

For more information, contact Liza Cordeiro in the Communication Office at 304-558-2699. 

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