Students Share Their Sweet Success with the West Virginia Board of Education

May 09, 2012

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – A team of creative and hardworking students from Keyser Primary Middle School in Mineral County have packaged the secret of sweet success! On Wed., May 9, the young entrepreneurs sold their winning lemonade outside of the West Virginia Board of Education meeting.

The lemonade stand is an initiative that requires project-base learning, problem-solving skills, creative thinking skills and students working as a team.  This activity also affords students an opportunity to learn a lesson in entrepreneurship.

A marketing plan was developed as students refined their product and designed their stand. Students decided how much their stand and lemonade ingredients would cost and then determined their pricing strategy to achieve profit or break-even point.  Some borrowed the start-up funds from a bank and figured out how much lemonade they had to sell to repay the loan.  The students then interacted with real customers to test their business decisions. 

The winning team beat out many other teams in a school-wide competitive event.  A high school student from Keyser High School mentored the middle school students during this project.  The public was also encouraged to ask the students engaging questions about their entrepreneurship endeavor and buy some lemonade.

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