Schools, Public Broadcasting Working Together to Educate Children

April 05, 2011

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- The West Virginia Department of Education is building upon its partnership with the Educational Broadcasting Authority to increase learning opportunities for children.
The two agencies have long promoted educational public broadcasting programs, such as Sesame Street, and satellite distance learning programs through a federal program called Star Schools. But programs, delivery methods, course content and instructional standards have changed, and the two agencies are looking at ways to improve service to students, educators and parents. 
“Public television and radio have rich resources and opportunities to learn that must be made better known,” said West Virginia Superintendent Jorea Marple. “Public broadcasting’s offerings for learning can play an important part in the West Virginia Department of Education’s website Learn21 (, we can increase the learning opportunities available to children beyond the traditional school day.”

Learn21, launched last year, offers students and parents educational resources that can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The site includes hundreds of grade specific offerings for preschool through 12th grade in language arts and reading tools, social studies, science and math. New resources are added monthly with the help of educators from across West Virginia. The site is to be expanded further to include fine arts, health, and career and technical education.  

Links to West Virginia Public Broadcasting resources will be posted on the site. In addition, the two agencies are working to better align and link Cable in the Classroom resources to Learn21 as well as promote day learning options.

“Education works best when parents and teachers, schools and communities work together because public education is all of our responsibility,” Marple said. “This partnership is an important step in helping our schools support great kids doing great things.”

For more information, contact the Office of Communications at (304) 558-2699.


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