State Board Approves Two Policy Revisions

September 20, 2007

State Board Approves Two Policy Revisions

CHARLESTON, W.Va. _ The West Virginia Board of Education has approved revisions to two state policies to clarify language and update standards.


At their September meeting, board members approved updates to Policy 2423: Communicable Disease Control and Policy 4334: West Virginia Minimum Requirements for Design and Equipment of School Buses.  


Policy 2423 was revised to clarify that adolescent immunizations are strongly recommended for students entering grades six and nine. This revision removed language that implied that these immunizations were required. Language also was revised to clarify the need to record adolescent immunization status at grades six and nine to protect students and staff in the event of communicable disease outbreak.


Policy 4334 was updated to comply with new federal standards and incorporate recent technological developments, including the addition of the multifunctional school activity bus. The changes were recommended by the state executive director of school transportation with assistance and cooperation of country transportation directors, bus inspectors, county maintenance personnel and representatives from school bus manufacturers and the Original Equipment Manufacturers.  

School administrators, teachers and parents are encouraged to review the policies by logging onto  


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