People Turning to Website for Latest Education News

April 04, 2000

People across the Mountain State are turning to for information about education, as evidenced by the more than 43,000 visitors who logged on to the Department of Education’s website in March.  

“People are turning to our website for news and information about the West Virginia Board of Education, employment opportunities at the Department and in county school systems, Instructional Goals and Objectives, vital teacher certification information and innovative lesson plans,” said State Superintendent David Stewart. “Our site has something for everyone -– teachers, principals, school system administrators, service personnel, parents, community and business leaders, reporters and even those looking for jobs in education.”  

According to Fernando Ibanez, webmaster for the West Virginia Department of Education, the number of people visiting the site jumped from 1,203 during its debut in March 1999 to 43,406 in March 2000.  

“In one year, the number of people visiting our site has grown exponentially,” he said. “We update information every day so that our site has something new when people come back to visit. Visitors are returning to our site to receive the latest information.”  

According to Ibanez, the Department recently posted Report Card information for each of the 55 county school systems and the 1999-2000 Education Directory, which includes addresses and phone numbers for all school systems in West Virginia. In addition, the Department added a section in February which allows county school systems to communicate with the public about school closings due to inclement weather.  

“We’re using our website to provide immediate, on-demand information to people throughout the state and around the world,” Ibanez continued. “Anyone with a computer connected to the Internet can visit our website at any time of the day or night to receive information about education in West Virginia.”  

The webmaster said that visitors from all over the globe are logging on to the Department’s website. In March, people from Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Spain, Singapore, Germany, Japan, France, Netherlands, Russian Federation, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong and Austria visited the site.

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