West Virginia Students are Honored as Golden Horseshoe Winners

May 12, 2006

CHARLESTON, W.Va. � Author Henry Louis Gates has one. And Rocket Boy Homer Hickam has an honorary one. More than 200 West Virginia eighth graders will join them Friday as the latest recipients of the prestigious Golden Horseshoe Award given for outstanding knowledge of West Virginia history and culture.  

State Superintendent Dr. Steven Paine inducted the students from all 55 counties as Knights and Ladies of the Golden Horseshoe Society during a pinning ceremony on May 12 at the Cultural Center in Charleston.  

�This award is coveted by many in the state, but received by very few,� said Dr. Paine. �It is an honor that rewards students� appreciation for and understanding of West Virginia and its people.�  

The Golden Horseshoe Test has been administered in West Virginia each year since 1931 and is the longest running program of its kind in the United States.  

The top-scoring students in each county receive the prestigious award. Each county has at least two winners. The exam tests student knowledge on West Virginia citizenship, civics and government, economics, geography, history and current events.  

The Golden Horseshoe originated in the early 1700s in Virginia when then-Governor Alexander Spotswood saw the need for exploration of the land west of the Allegheny Mountains, most of which is now West Virginia.  

�The governor organized a party of about 50 men to explore the frontier,� said West Virginia Department of Education Social Studies Coordinator Regina Scotchie. �At the end of the exploration, he presented each member of the party with a golden horseshoe.  

Translated from Latin, the inscription on each horseshoe read, �Thus it was decided to cross the mountains.� On the other side was written, �Order of the Golden Horseshoe.� Recipients of the award then became known as �The Knights of the Golden Horseshoe.��  

Barbour County

Thomas Canny, Kasson Elementary/Middle; Jake Sandridge, Kasson Elementary/Middle; Robert Shomo, Belington Middle


Berkeley County

John Bieniek, Martinsburg South Middle; Stephanie M. Brock, Martinsburg South Middle; Michael Brian William Bryne, Martinsburg North Middle; Joseph T. Copenhaver, Martinsburg South Middle; Logan Lee Crowley, Martinsburg North Middle; Jamie L. Hill, Martinsburg South Middle; Morgan S. Pennington, Martinsburg South Middle; Victor A. Unnone, Martinsburg South Middle


Boone County

Cory Ball, Madison Middle; Dillon L. Meadows, Sherman Junior High; Joshua E. Nelson, Madison Middle; James Ray Westbrook Jr., Sherman Junior High


Braxton County

Allison Dawn Brady, Braxton County Middle; Patricia Grace Browning, Braxton County Middle; Richard Andrew Facemire, Braxton County Middle


Brooke County

Jacob B. Davis, Follansbee Middle; Daniel L. Lancaster, Follansbee Middle; Sharif Youssef, Wellsburg Middle


Cabell County

Hilary A. Brownstead, Cammack Middle; Cassie Hill, Barboursville Middle; Katie Rose Jackson, Milton Middle; Kuyler McComas, Milton Middle; Bishop A. Nash, Milton Middle; Eric Andrew Newfeld, Barboursville Middle; James Onofrio, Cammack Middle


Calhoun County

Austin Moore, Calhoun Middle; Tim Sutro, Calhoun Middle


Clay County

Luke Hamrick, Clay Middle; Courtney Holcomb, Clay Middle; Stephanie Danielle Remias, Clay Middle


Doddridge County

Jared Leggett, Doddridge County Middle; Hannah Smith, Doddridge County Middle


Fayette County

Matthew R. Carter, Collins Middle; Jenna M. Ellison, Collins Middle; Killian Q. Hofe, Collins Middle; Aaron J. Pritt, Collins Middle; Holly N. Richmond, Collins Middle


Gilmer County

Ryan Taylor Hough, Gilmer County High; Casey Pritt, Gilmer County High


Grant County

Jaline Elizabeth Cooper, Petersburg High; Brandon Evans, Petersburg High; Kaitlyn N. Martin, Petersburg High


Greenbrier County

Connor S. Kenaston, Eastern Greenbrier Middle; Kayla Nicole McMillion, Western Greenbrier Middle; Leslie K. Shoemaker, Western Greenbrier Middle; Madeline L. Vandevender, Eastern Greenbrier Middle

West Virginia Schools for the Deaf and Blind
Roderick L. Stickley, WV Elementary School for the Deaf; Reid Marshall Tomczewski, WV Schools for the Blind


Hampshire County

Ryan Jeremy Kerns, Romney Middle; Ashley Staub, Capon Bridge Middle; Mason Kevin Young, Romney Middle


Hancock County

Nicole C. Allison, Oak Glen Middle; Francesca Clements, Saint Paul School; Keely Lewis, Oak Glen Middle; John J. Pennacchio III, Weir Middle


Hardy County

Jeremy W. Lohr, East Hardy Early/Middle; Jacqueline M. Riggleman, Moorefield Middle; Kyle L. Sherman, Moorefield Middle


Harrison County

Allen Chen, Bridgeport Middle; Caleb Fancher, Bridgeport Middle; Eric Jordan Hall, Washington-Irving Middle; Justin Michael Seti, Bridgeport Middle; Clare Marie Tillman, South Harrison Middle; Adam K. Wagner, Bridgeport Middle


Jackson County

Andrew Gurtis, Ravenswood Middle; Ronald Joseph Mullins, Ripley Middle; Corey R. Sauls, Ripley Middle; Janie Sinnett, Ravenswood Middle


Jefferson County

Preston K. Berkeley, Charles Town Middle; Ian Lukens, Shepherdstown Middle; David W. Margens, Shepherdstown Middle; Bethany Christine Pennock, Shepherdstown Middle; Eliza H. Wallace, Shepherdstown Middle


Kanawha County

Cierra Carr, McKinley Junior High; Jessica Evans, South Charleston Middle; Max Gottlieb, Charleston Catholic High; Andrew Tyler Lovejoy, Hayes Middle; Bayan Misaghi, John Adams Middle; Marcia Otto, McKinley Junior High; Alex Panger, Horace Mann Middle; Jessica Safreed, McKinley Junior High; Benjamin Smith, Elkview Middle; Benjamin Williams, Charleston Catholic High; J. Tyler Williams, John Adams Middle; Adele Willis, Charleston Catholic High; Jennifer Winkler, John Adams Middle


Lewis County

Paul M. Garton, Robert L. Bland Middle; Elizabeth L. Law, Robert L. Bland Middle; Audrey J. Stansberry, Robert L. Bland Middle


Lincoln County

Michael A. Burgess, Hamlin High; Brittani Lowe, Harts High; Susie Slone, Guyan Valley High


Logan County

Samuel Cole Desrocher, Chapmanville Middle; Michael Lomax, Man Central; Andrew Lusk, Man Central; Meredith Smith, Man Central


Marion County

Christian C. Cummings, Miller Junior High; Michelle LaRue, Miller Junior High; Ana Liane Linger, Fairview Middle; Joshua Price, Fairview Middle; Stefanie Webb, Miller Junior High


Marshall County

Sean P. Cain, Our Lady of Peace School; Jeffrey Daniel Loy, Sherrard Junior High; Joshua Phillips, Moundsville Junior High; Danielle K. Zacherl, Moundsville Junior High


Mason County

Donald Gilbert, Wahama High; Emily Kuhn, Hannan High; Carter M. Maynard, Point Pleasant Middle; Dylan Stone, Point Pleasant Middle


McDowell County

Nathan Ball, Mount View Middle; Sarah Miller, Mount View Middle; Zachary James Payne, Sandy River Middle


Mercer County

Marcus Constantino, Bluefield Middle; Kyle E. Gibson, Bluefield Middle; Cameron D. Morgan, Bluefield Middle; Amanda BreAnn Pigg, Montcalm High; Diane Shahan, Bluefield Middle


Mineral County

Keith Davidson, Keyser Middle; Jason Meyer, Keyser Middle; Lydia M. Ringler, Keyser Middle; Brad M. G. Ryan, Keyser Middle


Mingo County

Chancey Cisco, Matewan Middle; Victoria M. Ellison, Burch High; Nathan Sansom, Matewan Middle; Dustin Steel, Gilbert High


Monongalia County

Tonia S. Ahmed, Suncrest Middle; Jarrett Hoffman, Suncrest Middle; Lisa Liang, Suncrest Middle; Kelly Lyons, South Middle; Stephen Semmens, South Middle; Josephine Tarantini, South Middle


Monroe County

Nicholas Tanner Beasley, Peterstown Middle; Amber Nicole Dunn, Peterstown Middle; Tanya L. Turner, Peterstown Middle


Morgan County

Shawna Michelle Lansberry, Paw Paw High; Kalee McClure, Warm Springs Middle; Katarina W. Napfel, Warm Springs Middle


Nicholas County

Jessica L. Allen, Summersville Junior High; Joseph D. Comer, Summersville Junior High; Rebecca L. Moul, Summersville Junior High; Ethan Mullenax, New Life Christian Academy


Ohio County

Vanessa S. Gramlich, Wheeling Middle; Stephanie L. Pockl, St. Vincent De Paul School; Brendan J. Sheehan, Triadelphia Middle; Matthew A. Turner, Triadelphia Middle; Brandon D. Wilson, St. Vincent De Paul School


Pendleton County

Ginger Beatty, Pendleton County Middle; Tiffany Parker, Pendleton County Middle


Pleasants County

Michael Harris, Pleasants County Middle; Ayesha Kiani, Pleasants County Middle; Michelle Maiden, Pleasants County Middle


Pocahontas County

Steven W. Brandt, Green Bank Middle; Adrienne Nottingham, Green Bank Middle


Preston County

Virginia M. Elliott, Central Preston Middle; Cassandra M. Hershman, South Preston Middle; Zane P. Rerek, Central Preston Middle; Julia W. Snyder, Central Preston Middle


Putnam County

Noah Daniel Blackhurst, Hurricane Middle; Shane B. Daly, Hurricane Middle; Tyler Anthony Flint, Hurricane Middle; Samantha Miller, Poca Middle; Andy Wade, Winfield Middle; Matthew Wilton, Winfield Middle


Raleigh County

Madison Bowles, Shady Spring Middle; Patrick Coalson, Independence Middle; Kevin Hough, Shady Spring Middle; Christian Alexander Martine, Shady Spring Middle; Lukas Meadows, Shady Spring Middle; Nainika Nanda, Shady Spring Middle; Nicholas Underwood, Shady Spring Middle


Randolph County

Rebecca Thomas Cain, Elkins Middle; Edward L. Hamrick, Elkins Middle; Whitney N. Sharp, Tygarts Valley Middle/High; Courtney R. Taylor, Tygarts Valley Middle/High


Ritchie County

Laura E. Carpenter, Ritchie County Middle; Jacob Clevenger, Ritchie County Middle; Nicole Jones, Ritchie County Middle


Roane County

Cory G. Ash, Spencer Middle; Ryan Nelson Carper, Geary Elementary School; Madison B. Sergent, Walton Elementary/Middle


Summers County

Chris Littlejohn, Summers Middle; Tony Petrarca, Summers Middle; Justin Ray Pugh, Summers Middle;


Taylor County

Ryan D. Bland, Taylor County Middle; James Hunter Jones, Taylor County Middle; Andrew R. Rowand, Taylor County Middle


Tucker County

Brent A. Kidwell, Davis-Thomas Elementary Middle; Jacob Lancaster, Tucker Valley Elementary Middle; Alix R. Lilly, Davis-Thomas Elementary Middle


Tyler County

Alex Jones, Tyler Consolidated Middle; Christine Keplinger, Tyler Consolidated Middle; Chelsea Wells, Tyler Consolidated Middle


Upshur County

Ethan Butler, Buckhannon-Upshur Middle; Adam Epler, Buckhannon-Upshur Middle; Kendra Gay, Buckhannon-Upshur Middle; Meghan L. Lough, Buckhannon-Upshur Middle


Wayne County

Danielle Mika Blankenship, Ceredo Kenova Middle; Brandon Scott Hodges, Buffalo Elementary School; William Adam Lee Justice, Crum Middle; Allison Shea Merritt, Buffalo Middle; Karey Mariah Waller, Fort Gay Middle


Webster County

Joshua J. Hamrick, Webster Springs Elementary/Middle; James Hanna, Webster Springs Elementary/Middle; Rachel Lake, Webster Springs Elementary/Middle


Wetzel County

Joseph Feeney, New Martinsville School; Landon Herrick, New Martinsville School; Andrea Lockhart, New Martinsville School


Wirt County

Kelly D. Baldridge, Wirt County Middle; Matthew T. McClung, Wirt County Middle


Wood County

Matthew Brooks, Jackson Junior High; Dillon Todd Carden, Jackson Junior High; Austin Freeland, Edison Junior High; Asia Greenleaf, Edison Junior High; Timothy Halbert, Edison Junior High; Kerry Hensley, Jackson Junior High; Morgan Marlow, Edison Junior High; Courtney Sterrick, Jackson Junior High


Wyoming County

Katlin Lash Bishop, Baileysville Elementary/Middle; Caleb Davis, Oceana Middle; Andrew Hill, Pineville Middle  



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