School System Leadership Team Summer Conference

June 06, 2005

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"THEME: Creating Effective Schools: Communities of Equity and Excellence"  

Over 600 School System Leadership Team members will gather at the Charleston Civic Center on June 28-30 to explore practices of high performing school systems. This conference, the last in a series of five, will focus on high yield practices used by districts to enhance school effectiveness. The conference will include a special salute to principals and an evening event designed to celebrate the work of school system leadership teams.  

Including presentations by outstanding practitioners and consultants, the conference is designed to expand team knowledge of three areas: (1) the research-based characteristics of highly effective schools, (2) the successful programs and processes that are unique to elementary, middle and high schools, and (3) the support and monitoring systems used by high performing districts to enhance continuous improvement in schools.  

Included in the conference are numerous clinic and breakout sessions. Among the topics covered are the following: (1) using the concepts of continuous improvement to achieve equity and quality, (2) understanding and using the effective schools research to improve schools, (3) improving the school schedule as a resource for enhancing student achievement, (4) improving assessment and grading practices, (5) assessing the correlates of effective schools, (6) using data management and effective planning to drive school improvement, (7) implementing the core components of effective elementary, middle and high schools, (8) creating schools as learning communities, (9) implementing district systemic processes to improve student achievement, (10) using quality professional development models and (11) using technology to support curriculum, instruction and professional development.  

Prominent in the conference program are several nationally known consultants. Salome Thomas-El will deliver the opening keynote address on the power and personal rewards of school leadership, “I Choose to Stay.” Dr. Thomas-El is the focus of an upcoming Disney feature film that highlights his success story with an inner city elementary school. He is followed on the program by noted expert and international consultant, Dr. Terrence Deal. Dr. Deal has written several books considered primers on school leadership, including Shaping School Culture and Leading with Soul.  

The second day of the conference will feature one of the nation’s foremost experts on professional development, Dr. Tom Guskey. Guskey’s keynote address will include advice to principals and leadership teams on how to construct professional development programs that enhance personal efficacy and move the organization forward. During the Wednesday evening event at the Clay Center, Monte Selby, noted musician, humorist and educator, will be on hand to help the audience “kick back and relax” and celebrate the accomplishments of the year’s work.  

To close the conference on Thursday, two keynoters promise to bring rave reviews. Steve Edwards, a former high school principal, will give practical “no-nonsense” advice on his successful approach to school improvement. Closing the day, nationally renowned New York Times best-selling author, Jeanette Walls will share her story of growing up in southern West Virginia. Her story, described in The Glass Castle, illustrates the power of books and ideas to lift the spirit and provide hope to children of poverty and generational abuse. Each West Virginia school system will receive a copy of Wall’s book prior to the conference. Those who have read the book agree that it’s one “you’ll never forget.”  

On-line pre-registration is required to attend the conference. School System Improvement Team members, RESA representatives, Department of Education staff, OEPA staff and higher education participants should complete registration located here:  


IMPORTANT INFORMATION School System Leadership Team Summer Conference  

DATE: June 28-30, 2005  

LOCATION/TIMES: Charleston Civic Center, 8:00 - 3:30 Daily, Wednesday evening 6:00 – 8:00 (See Agenda)  

PRE-REGISTRATION: Pre-registration MUST be completed on-line by June 15. No on-site registrations accepted.  

CHECK-IN: Pre-registered participants may pick up materials at the registration desk beginning at 7:30 a.m. daily.  

GRADUATE CREDIT: Credit will be available through Marshall University. Information is available at registration  


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Leadership Team Meetings


June 28

June 29

June 30

Morning   Opening Comments
Introduction of Conference Theme

Keynote Address: “I Choose to Stay”Salome Thomas-El, Principal

Leadership Team Meetings

Opening General Session
Keynote Address: Dr. Tom Guskey, “Enhancing Personal Professional Efficacy and Enhancing Organizational Change: The Role of Professional Development”

Eleven Clinic Sessions: In-depth interactive sessions on topics related to creating effective schools

Opening General SessionKeynote Address:  Dr. Steve Edwards
“Improving High Schools: A Practitioner’s No-nonsense Approach to School Change”
Eleven Practitioner Breakout Sessions: Practitioners from across the state and nation will share practical strategies used to enhance school effectiveness 
Leadership Team Meetings
Afternoon    Keynote Address: Terrance Deal“The Leadership Spirit: Creating a Culture of Success” Eleven Clinic Sessions: In-depth interactive sessions on topics related to creating effective schools (Repeated)
Closing General Session: The Conference will close with a personal story illustrating the power of hope and love to overcome all obstacles, currently a New York Times best selling book, “The Glass Castle,” featuring Jeannette Walls

Leadership Team Meetings

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