ACT PLAN Will Be Provided As Part of Statewide Assessment Program

August 15, 2002

In an effort to boost the college-going rate in Mountain State, the West Virginia Department of Education will be providing the ACT PLAN assessment to all 10th grade students as part of its annual statewide assessment. The ACT PLAN is closely tied to that of the achievement tests in the ACT Assessment, which 60 percent of all West Virginia students take as their college entrance and placement exam.  

Students who participate in the ACT PLAN tend to perform better on the ACT Assessment because they have been provided an estimated ACT Assessment composite score, allowing students to learn where they need to refocus their efforts. It also helps students with post-high school choices and provides schools with important feedback for planning and allocating guidance and instructional resources.  

“We believe that when students participate in the ACT PLAN assessment, they will gain a better idea what to expect when they prepare for the ACT Assessment,” said State Schools Superintendent David Stewart.  

The ACT PLAN may also help students achieve one more important goal – receiving a PROMISE Scholarship. By preparing students for the ACT assessment by taking PLAN, there is a greater likelihood that they will perform better on the assessment and increase their chances to receive a PROMISE Scholarship. Students must score a 21 or higher on the ACT Assessment or higher to be eligible for the scholarship.  

“Many students who perform well on ACT PLAN may not be considering college as option or believe they do not have the financial resources to attend,” Stewart said. “However, with this information provided to them, counselors and teachers can encourage these students to attend college.”  

The ACT PLAN will be administered to all 10th grade students this October 14 through October 25 as part of the West Virginia statewide assessment program.  

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