Call for Teachers Interested in National Board for Professional Teaching Certification

June 04, 1999

National Board Subsidy Program:  

West Virginia participates in the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards' Subsidy Program each year. This program subsidizes one-half of the $2,000 assessment fee for candidates on a first come-first served basis. This year West Virginia has been awarded $16,000.00 to assist the first sixteen educators interested in pursuing National Board certification. If you are interested, you must submit your application to Barbara Brazeau, Office of Professional Preparation, West Virginia Department of Education, Bldg. 6, Room 252, 1900 Kanawha Blvd., E., Charleston, WV 25305. Please call 1-800-982-2387 if you are interested in acquiring an application packet.  

West Virginia Legislature Passes Incentive Program:  

The West Virginia Legislature passed a bill that will reimburse $1,000 to each individual who enrolls in the National Board certification program and $1,000 to each individual who completes the National Board certification program. In addition, each teacher who achieves National Board certification may be reimbursed up to $600.00 for expenses incurred while obtaining the certification. This reimbursement program is subject to legislative appropriation and shall be limited to 100 teachers annually. In addition, each teacher who achieves National Board certification shall be paid $1,000 annually for the life of the certification, but in no event more than ten years for any one certification. The West Virginia Board of Education's rules and regulations regarding the implementation of this program will be available later this summer. The Office of Professional Preparation will disseminate the information once it is available.

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