Proposed Changes to Sports Rules: State Board Approves One, Rejects Two

June 15, 2001

At its monthly meeting held yesterday in Calhoun County, the West Virginia Board of Education approved a proposal to allow ninth graders to play varsity sports and rejected two other proposals which would have dramatically changed the rules and regulations governing scholastic sports in the Mountain State.  

The proposed rule changes, recommended by the West Virginia Secondary School Activities Commission (WVSSAC), were presented to the State Board for consideration, as mandated by State Code.  

The West Virginia Board of Education voted to reject a proposal which would have expanded the number of divisions in football from three to four. The Board also rejected a proposal to allow an additional 10 days of instruction by each coach during the summer.  

“The State Board is cognizant of the limited time parents have with their children during the summer for vacations and other activities,” explained State Board President J. D. Morris. “We are also aware that there were disparities in opportunities available to students who attend 6-8 middle schools or 7-9 junior highs. With a declining student enrollment in West Virginia, the majority of Board members also believed it was not prudent to expand the number of divisions for football.”

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