Raleigh County Bus Route Changes

These announcements are effective on Monday, March 2, 2015.

Beckley Area:

  • Bus 140, Summit Drive meet at bottom of hill at 8:25 for high/middle.
  • Bus 192, James Crest students meet at corner of Dean and Sidney meet the bus at main road.
  • Bus 47, Hoist Road meet the bus at Baptist Church at 8:40 high/middle and 10:00 for elementary.
  • Bus 7, Westwood Drive and Harvey Street meet at intersection of Harper Road at 9:30 for elementary
  • Bus 74, No Raleigh area runs morning or afternoon.
  • Bus 95, Vine St. and Orchard Ave. meet bus at intersection fo Wood and Orchard at 8:40 for high/middle and Elementary at 9:30. 9th and 10th str. meet the bus at intersection of 9th at Scott at top of hill at 8:30 high and 9:40 elementary.

Independence Area:

  • Bus 184, No Epperly Hill or Farley Hill runs. Mitchells Ridge meet the bus at 8:45 high/middle and 9:50 for elementary.

Liberty Area:

  • Bus 14, Brunty Hollow Loop meet the bus at loope at 8:30 high/middle and
  • Bus 19 No Maplewood Drive run.
  • Bus 3, No Range Road run. Stevenswood students can meet the bus at bottom of hill at 8:40 high/middle and 9:45 for elementary.
  • Bus 37, No Spanker Branch high or middle school run.
  • Bus 41, No Arlington Road run, No upper Sandlick, students can meet the bus at Mattsville Church 9:20 for elementary.

Mabscott Elementary Area:

  • Bus 93, no Mabscott Elementary run.

Shady Spring Area:

  • Bus 113, Little Vine Drive, meet the bus at bottom of hill on either side for elementary.
  • Bus 13, C&O Damn Road meet at Missionary Church at 8:45 high/middle and 10:00 for elementary.
  • Bus 92, No Pike drive or Oaks Bus Division. Students can meet at Shell Station at 8:40 for high/middle and 9:55 for elementary.
  • Bus 97, Ellison Ridge students meet at entrance at 8:00 high/middle and 9:30 for elementary.

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