WV Department of Education

Title of Vacancy

Substitute Certified School Bus Operator, Romney, WV (Service)

Administrative Unit

West Virginia Schools for the Deaf and the Blind

Duties and Responsibilities

• Will adhere to WVDE Policy 5902 – “Employee Code of Conduct” and the applicable WVSDB personnel policies for employee performance. 
• Ensures appropriate supervision of students. 
• Operates the school bus daily in a safe and efficient manner. 
• Performs pre/post trip inspections as designated by WV Board Policy 4336. 
• Learns route, including pick up and drop off locations. 
• Assists and supervises students with disabilities. 
• Communicates with students, parents, school officials and supervisors. 
• Mops and cleans inside and outside the vehicle. 
• Completes proper paperwork promptly and accurately. 
• Possesses ability to sit for long periods of time, as well as the ability to tolerate ill children and clean up from student sickness accidents. 
• Physically installs and/or removes snow chains on a bus, as needed. 
• Raises the hood of a conventional school bus and checks oil levels and antifreeze levels. 
• Reports any accident or damage to the bus to supervisor immediately. 
• Reports promptly any unsafe road conditions. 
• Secures a wheelchair and harnesses, if necessary. 
• Performs all duties outlined in WV State Board Policy 4336, which is available at:  
• Maintains records and makes reports on these records as requested. 
• Handles confidential matters in a judicious manner. 
• Attends staff meetings as scheduled. 
• Maintains and/or upgrades skills. 
• Promotes and maintains positive student-staff-community relations. 
• Performs other related duties as assigned by the immediate supervisor(s). 


• Must be at least 21 years of age 
• Must have at least three years of driving experience as a licensed operator of any vehicle 
• Must obtain and maintain WV CDL license with passenger and school bus endorsement 
• Must successfully complete WV School Bus Safety Program and pass requisite online and skills test 
• Must be able to climb in and out of bus to check engine compartment 
• Must maintain valid CPR, First Aid certification, and EpiPen training 
• Must pass a physical examination from a Medical Examiner as defined by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration as well as drug and alcohol screenings 
• Must meet all requirements outlined in WV State Board of Education Policy 4336 which is available at  
• Dress is appropriate and conforms to safety standards 
To perform this job successfully, any individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions. While performing the duties of this job, the employee is frequently required to reach, stand, walk, lift, grasp, write, talk, hear, see, use technology such as computer and multimedia equipment, and use repetitive motions. The employee may frequently lift and/or move at least 50-100 pounds. He/she shall remain free of any alcohol or non-prescribed drugs while in the workplace. Alcohol and controlled substances which effect employee productivity, safety, or judgement will not be tolerated. 


1. The staff member must meet ASL and/or Braille skill level requirements as delineated in the WVSDB Communication Policy for job classification. 
2. The staff member must complete all required annual trainings. 
3. The staff member works effectively as a member of the educational team. 
4. The staff member demonstrates self-control and exhibits an attitude of mutual respect and tolerance. 
5. The staff member demonstrates ethical conduct and good work habits such as punctuality and attendance. 
6. The staff member demonstrates self-direction and the ability to use software applications for work productivity and collaboration. 
7. The staff member is self-motivated and demonstrates the ability to manage multiple tasks/assignments to accomplish high-quality work to meet demanding deadlines. 
8. The staff member demonstrates excellent communication skills and excellent presentation skills using current technologies. 
9. The staff member understands that work assignments may change or be added as priorities emerge. 


Hourly rate of pay based on WVSDB Service Personnel Salary Schedule, D Scale. Dependent on applicable years of experience and education level. Specific assignment is based upon student needs, enrollment and departmental needs.

Closing Date

August 22, 2022

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Performance evaluation in accordance with West Virginia Board of Education Policy 5314.

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