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West Virginia school systems are diligently making operational adjustments to create a safe school setting where students can learn while physically present in the school building. While all efforts are being made to protect students, educators and staff, many families may feel uncomfortable sending their children back into actual school buildings. That is why it is very important to offer West Virginia families virtual public school opportunities and choices for the upcoming academic year. This will ensure parents have some control in the public school choices they make for their students' education, while allowing students to remain part of their local school family.

There are several virtual learning opportunities for our West Virginia students. Importantly, county virtual school options are free to West Virginia public school students and may be offered fulltime or part time depending on the students' needs. Instruction will be provided to students using a West Virginia certified teacher and families can expect the same instructional quality and rigor for their virtual school student as would otherwise be provided in a traditional classroom setting, including in many cases, daily live virtual interaction with the student's teacher. The virtual school year begins on September 8, 2020, unless there are other COVID-19 concerns which will prevent school from starting statewide on that date.

Virtual school opportunities are not limited to public school students. Both nonpublic and homeschool students may also take advantage of the virtual offerings in their county.

Virtual schools throughout the state are operated by each county board of education. For more information about local virtual school options, please contact your local county board of education.