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County Board Offices

Randolph County Schools
40 Eleventh Street
Elkins, WV  26241-3598

Telephone: 304-636-9150
Fax : 304-636-9157


Randolph County Schools Staff

Arbogast, Glory - Bus Operator
Arbogast, James - Mechanic
Auvil, Tonya - Director or Coordinator of Services
Beahm, Kathryn - Accountant II
Bennett, Michael - Bus Operator
Bodkins, Tommie - Bus Operator
Booth, Bruce - Bus Operator
Brown, Shannon - Technology Systems Specialist
Burky, Julie - Technology Systems Specialist
Carr, Vernon - Deputy, Associate, or Assistant Superintendent
Chewning, Denver - Custodian III
Chewning, Kevin - Supervisor of Maintenance
Clark, Darlene - Physical Therapist
Coffman, Charles - Bus Operator
Collins, David - Mechanic
Collins, Steven - Bus Operator
Corley, Andrea - Accountant III
Corley, Felicia - Psychologist
Cross, Shelia - Bus Operator
Currence, Christina - Accountant III
Daniels, Charles - Bus Operator
Daugherty, Carol - Bus Operator
Fincham, Deborah - Director/Manager (Instructional)
Fincham, Douglas - Bus Operator
Fletcher, Cynthia - Bus Operator
Fletcher, Denise - Administrative Assistant
Gainer, Tamala - Accountant III
Goff, Harry - Bus Operator
Hankey, Roger - Technology Systems Specialist
Harlan, Aaron - Bus Operator
Harman, James - Bus Operator
Harper, James - Bus Operator
Hart Jr., Robert - Director or Coordinator of Services
Heckler, Aric - Bus Operator
Hedrick, Stephen - Electrician II
Hepler, Donald - Technology Systems Specialist
Hepler, Mark - Bus Operator
Hewitt, Pamela - Superintendent
Hill, Stephen - Electrician II
Howell, Sharon - Accountant III
Howes, Victoria - School Nurse (AB)
Hull, Jerry - Bus Operator
Isner, Philip - Bus Operator
Jackson, Michael - Bus Operator
Jones, Anita - Bus Operator
Jones, David - Bus Operator
Lambert, Deborah - Accountant II
Long, Charles - Director or Coordinator of Services
Lynch, Susan - Accountant III
McCauley, Robert - Bus Operator
McCloud, James - Bus Operator
McNeal, Clara - Bus Operator
Mullenax, Paul - Chief Mechanic
Nutter, Todd - Locksmith
Paine, Jonathan - Director/Manager (Instructional)
Pennington, Dana - Bus Operator
Pennington, Thomas - Mechanic
Pifer, Charles - Bus Operator
Pritt, Donnie - Bus Operator
Proudfoot, Lynn - Attendance Director
Ramsey, Joshua - Technology Systems Specialist
Ray, Jonathan - Bus Operator
Reed, William - Director or Coordinator of Services
Rosencrance, Ladonna - Director/Coordinator (Supportive Services)
Sacks, Franklin - Bus Operator
Salisbury, Timothy - Bus Operator
Schoonover, Cliff - Bus Operator
Shreve, Jesse - Bus Operator
Simmons, Donna - Director/Manager (Instructional)
Smith, Bradley - Treasurer/Chief School Business Official
Snyder, Randall - Bus Operator
Spicer, Harley - Bus Operator
Stell, Robin - Accountant II
Summerfield, Shannon - Bus Operator
Teets, Stanley - Bus Operator
Teter, Jerry - Bus Operator
Thompson, Chris - Carpenter II
Triplett, Thomas - Bus Operator
Vigh, Debra - Occupational Therapist
Ware, Donald - Bus Operator
Weese, Scott - Bus Operator
Weiford, Joseph - Bus Operator
Wetsch, Estate Of - Bus Operator
White, Jeffrey - Bus Operator
White, Robert - Bus Operator
Workman III, William - Mechanic
Workman, Mary - Bus Operator
Yoakum, John - Bus Operator
Zickefoose, Linda - Social Worker