WV Department of Education

Title of Vacancy

Licensed Practical Nurse (210 days - 2 positions), Romney, WV (Service)

Administrative Unit

West Virginia Schools for the Deaf and the Blind

Duties and Responsibilities

• Will adhere to WVDE Policy 5902 – “Employee Code of Conduct” and the applicable WVSDB personnel policies for employee performance.  
• Performs nursing functions in care of students on the WVSDB campus (including in the classrooms and dormitories). 
• Performs first-aid and emergency measures according to established procedures. 
• Assists physician and school nurse/RN in examinations and treatments. 
• Attends staff meetings as scheduled. 
• Maintains change of shift report. Receives or gives complete, concise and accurate reports on patients. (Condition, medication, symptoms, physician’s orders) 
• Provides general medical care of hearing impaired and/or visually impaired students in the Health Services Department and in the school buildings/dorm areas. (Hygiene, bed making, temperature, vital signs, and the like as indicated). Also, provides crisis intervention for sudden illness, injury, emotional disturbances and other emergency situations as necessary. 
• Provides specialized health care procedures (i.e. tube feedings) and dispenses medications to students in school buildings and dormitories as assigned. 
• Gives medications as ordered or dictated by symptoms. (May give parenteral medications, except for intravenous medications) 
• Sees, advises, treats and/or refers all outpatient and emergency or first-aid cases. 
• Cleans bedside units after patients have been discharged. Keeps work areas clean and organized and restocks supplies as needed. 
• Keeps accurate, informative nurse’s notes and logs on each student to include, but not limited to: date, time, name, complaint, treatment or action taken. 
• As requested, document student injuries including photographs if abuse/neglect is suspected. 
• Assists physicians with evening rounds and with physical examinations as required. 
• Procures and serves meals at bedside, assisting with feeding when indicated. 
• Performs medical treatments as required or ordered such as enema, suppositories, sponge baths, and compresses. 
• Stocks clean linen on shelves in linen room and dresses beds. 
• Transports students to local hospital when indicated. 
• Takes and records vital signs, collects specimens for testing; administers treatments, maintains and discontinues intravenous medications, administers medications according to physician’s orders. (May administer parenteral medications) 
• Provides for safety, comfort and well-being of children on the WVSDB campus. 
• Answers school switchboard during evening, night and weekend shifts. 
• Handles campus-base-station radio for communication between other department areas and/or security personnel. 
• Informs School Nurse/RN of pertinent incidents. Uses good professional judgment. 
• Performs tuberculin skin tests on school employees or students as requested. Keeps accurate records of these tests and results. 
• Notifies parents of admission to the Health Services Department or emergency treatment, if requested by the School Nurse. 
• Serve on various committees as designated by the School Nurse, including participation as the Health Services Department representative for admission, IEP or other related meetings to convey pertinent student medical history and background information as assigned by supervisor. 
• Other related duties as assigned by supervisor.  


• Must be licensed by examination by the West Virginia Board of Examiners for Practical Nurses.  
• Three or more years of full-time employment as a Licensed Practical Nurse preferred.  
• Must have or acquire a valid CPR certification within 90 days of hire date. 
• Criminal background check conducted pursuant to WV Code §18-5-15c and/or §18A-3-10, as appropriate. 
The physical demands described are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of the job. While performing the duties of this job, the employee is frequently required to reach, stand, walk, lift heavy objects, pull, push, grasp, bend, talk, hear, see and use repetitive motions. While performing the duties of this job, the employee may frequently lift and/or move at least 50 pounds and assist with lifting up to 50-100 pounds. Specific vision abilities required by this job include close vision such as to read handwritten or typed material, and the ability to adjust focus. The position requires the individual to meet multiple demands from several people and interact with the public and other staff members. 


1. The staff member must meet ASL and/or Braille skill level requirements as delineated in the WVSDB Communication Policy for job classification. 
2. The staff member must complete all required annual trainings. 
3. The staff member works effectively as a member of the educational team. 
4. The staff member demonstrates self-control and exhibits an attitude of mutual respect and tolerance. 
5. The staff member demonstrates ethical conduct and good work habits such as punctuality and attendance. 
6. The staff member demonstrates self-direction and the ability to use software applications for work productivity and collaboration. 
7. The staff member is self-motivated and demonstrates the ability to manage multiple tasks/assignments to accomplish high-quality work to meet demanding deadlines. 
8. The staff member demonstrates excellent communication skills and excellent presentation skills using current technologies. 
9. The staff member understands that work assignments may change or be added as priorities emerge. 


Based on WVSDB Service Personnel Salary Schedule, G Scale, 210-day contract, plus supplement. Dependent on applicable years of experience and education level. Specific assignment is based upon student needs, enrollment and departmental needs. Additional compensation available for ASL or Braille proficiency as detailed in the WVSDB Communication Policy.

Closing Date

December 12, 2022

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Performance evaluation in accordance with West Virginia Board of Education Policy 5314.

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