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Title of Vacancy
Heating Ventilating and Air-Conditioning Technician

Administrative Unit
Superintendent, Office of School Finance and Administration/School Facilities and School Transportation

1. Work effectively as a member of the educational team. 
2. Demonstrate self-control and exhibit an attitude of mutual respect and tolerance. 
3. Demonstrate ethical conduct and good work habits. 
4. Demonstrate expertise in areas of responsibility. 
5. Represent the Department in a positive and professional manner. 

Duties and Responsibilities
Under general supervision, performs experienced journey level work supporting the maintenance and operation of a variety of equipment used in heating, ventilating, air-conditioning (including both water and air sides), and general operation of public schools. Will be responsible for hands-on HVAC maintenance planning, preventative/predictive maintenance, and other services as required for total HVAC facilities requirements. This includes digital, mechanical, and computerized internal and remote equipment as well as building automation systems. This employee will also serve county maintenance departments in a consultation capacity on HVAC system problems.  
Applicant must have working and troubleshooting knowledge of building environmental control equipment such as centrifugal, screw, and reciprocating chillers and associated control equipment, pneumatic controls, steam and hot water converters, boilers and associated equipment, and air handling and delivery systems. Uses ohmmeters, voltmeters, ammeters, thermometers, hydrometers, conductivity meters, light meters, sound meters, dial indicators, micrometers, and calipers. May be required, with proper training, to work in asbestos or other environmental issues.  
Must have and maintain a valid driverís license. Must be able to work all shifts and be on call. Performs related work and frequent travel as required. Must pass electricians license within the first year of employment and must become CFC certified within the first year of employment. Employee may be required to have: 
1. Working knowledge and understanding of electrical distribution equipment such as high voltage switchgear, power distribution transformers, motor control centers and power distribution panels, gas and diesel powered emergency generators associated with HVAC equipment. 
2. Working knowledge and understanding of building plumbing and piping systems such as steam, hot water, heating, cooling, gas, pneumatic and glycol systems. 
3. Working knowledge and understanding of how to overhaul pumps for fluid systems and air handling equipment. 
4. Use dial indicators to align pumps, motors, and compressors. 
5. Perform chemical analysis of water in chilled water, cooling tower water, hot water and steam closed loop systems according to prescribed instruction and add needed chemical agents to the water as indicated by test results. 
6. Practice safety techniques and procedures on the job and in the shop to prevent fires and provide safety for self and others in the area; applies knowledge of the trade, knowledge of safety standards, signs, barricades, and safety equipment (glasses, shoes, belts, masks, etc.). 
7. Use and interpret non-destructive preventative/predictive maintenance equipment. 
8. Maintain necessary materials and time man-hour accounting records of work performed and enter information on time card and job/work order. 
9. Uses most current computerized technology to determine status of the heating and cooling systems and at regular intervals to insure continuous, proper temperature throughout buildings and take appropriate action to correct deficiencies when necessary. 
10. Inspect heating and cooling equipment such as meters, safety valves, and pipes for loose connections, corrosion, or other defects and makes necessary repairs. 
11. Read meters and gauges to verify specified operating conditions. 
12. Orders parts and materials necessary for installation, preventive maintenance, and repair of equipment in coordination with purchasing officials. 
13. Develop, implement, and maintain preventive and predictive maintenance plans that include scheduled maintenance for all DDC and HVAC equipment. 
14. Maintain operations and maintenance records for all DDC and HVAC equipment with computerized maintenance management system. 
15. Must be able to work and interface with all levels of administration, the public, parents, and students. 
16. Must be computer literate with spreadsheet skills and word processing. 
17. Other duties as assigned. 
The successful applicant must have: 
1. Ability to install or supervise installation of HVAC equipment and associated controls, i.e., electronic, pneumatic, or electric. 
2. Knowledge of heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning equipment (both air and water sides) and control systems as well as a working knowledge of plumbing, carpentry, electrical trades as related to the responsibilities of this position. 
3. Ability to use micrometers, calipers, dial indicators, and various digital and analog test or diagnostic equipment. 
4. Knowledge of the operational characteristics of building equipment and repair procedures. 
5. Ability to follow oral and written instructions. 
6. Ability to read prints, schematic circuits, and diagrams used in repairing equipment. 
7. Ability to use power and plumbing tools in the repair of building fixtures and facilities. 
8. Ability to install and perform preventive/predictive maintenance and repair of air conditioners, air compressors, generators, pumps, and boilers used in heating and cooling of buildings. 
9. Ability to read and interpret the information from gauges and meters to monitor proper operation of heating and cooling systems and to keep simple records of the readings and daily maintenance activities. 
10. Knowledge of appropriate safety practices and procedures when maintaining building electrical and mechanical equipment. 
11. Understanding of IAQ and its potential impact. 
12. Ability to balance HVAC systems and maintain appropriate records. 
Department of Education staff are employed upon recommendation of the State Superintendent of Schools and are state employees. No representative or employee of the state is authorized to enter into any employment contract or other agreement. Department staff work under the direction of the State Superintendent of Schools for the general supervision of the free schools in the state and implementing the policies of the board and other necessary tasks as determined by the State Superintendent of Schools or his/her designee. Each employee is ďat-willĒ and subject to termination by the State Superintendent of Schools at any time, with or without notice, cause or compensation. 
The employment relationship between the State Superintendent of Schools and the employee may be terminated by either party. Reasons for termination by the State Superintendent of Schools include, but are not limited to, immorality, incompetency, cruelty, insubordination, intemperance, willful neglect of duty, unsatisfactory performance, the conviction of a felony or a guilty plea or a plea of no contest to a felony charge, misuse of funds or property, violations of law or policies of the state board, lack of need, or a lack or loss of funding.

Minimum Requirements: Eight years of verifiable experience and graduation from a standard four-year high school or GED or four year apprenticeship program or two year post-secondary technical school including training in direct digital control systems. 
Substitution: Experience in air-conditioning, heating or refrigeration may be substituted for the required education or training on a year-for-year basis totaling 12 years of verifiable experience. Verifiable military experience acceptable. Must include responsible experience in various control systems including Direct Digital Controls. 

Desired Qualifications
Mechanical engineering degree, associated mechanical degree or degree in a related engineering field with eight years of hands-on operational experience in maintenance/operation of commercial HVAC systems including Direct Digital Control systems. 
Some supervisory experience in the installation, maintenance and operation of commercial HVAC equipment and DDC controls. 
Must be able to work independently. 
NOTE: Candidates for employment must complete an official application form. The application may be downloaded at http://wvde.state.wv.us/hr/jobOpportunities.php or obtained by contacting the Office of Human Resources at (304) 558-2702. 

$69,572.00 annually

Closing Date (by 4:00pm Eastern Daylight Time)
April 23, 2018

Apply to
Office of Human Resources 
Building 6, Room 264 
1900 Kanawha Boulevard, East 
Charleston, West Virginia 25305-0330 
Phone: 304-558-2702  
Fax: 304-558-0216 
Email: wvde.hr@k12.wv.us 

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