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WV Schools of Diversion and Transition

WV Schools of Diversion and Transition provides educational services to over 6,000 juveniles and adults in residential and other state-operated facilities. The mission of WVSDT is to prepare juveniles and adults for successful transition to school or employment and to life in their communities as responsible and productive citizens.

The WV Schools of Diversion and Transition has more than 280 Full-Time staff working in collaboration with the WV Department of Health and Human Resources, WV Bureau of Juvenile Services, WV Division of Corrections and Rehabilitation, and local WV County Boards of Education to ensure continuity of services as juveniles and adults work to meet their education and/or employment goals.

Choosing a career with WV Schools of Diversion and Transition provides:

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Please contact Kim Olsen at 304-558-8833 or kimberly.olsen@k12.wv.us with any questions.

Career Opportunities with WV Schools for the Deaf and the Blind


The West Virginia Schools for the Deaf and the Blind provide a free, appropriate public education in a rural, residential setting to Deaf/Hard of Hearing, Deaf/Blind and Blind/Low Vision students from the 55 counties across the state. The WVSDB is located on a picturesque 79-acre campus within the town limits of Romney (Hampshire County). The school has been a part of the Romney community since 1870, continuously evolving through the decades to provide for changing technological advances and educational practices.

Choosing a career with the WVSDB offers a opportunity to experience an intrinsically rewarding day-to-day work experience within a supportive and caring campus culture.

Full-time employees are eligible for:

WVSDB offers small class sizes allowing for in-depth individualized instruction, beginning educator internship experiences and career development in the field of Deaf/Hard of Hearing or Blind/Low Vision services.

Please check out current vacancies below to see what might be of interest to you, or for more information on career opportunities with WVSDB please contact:

Sondra McKenery, Director of Human Resources
smckener@k12.wv.us, Phone: 304-822-4820
WVSDB Website: https://www.wvsdb2.state.k12.wv.us/


There are no WVSDB vacancies at this time. Please check back later.


WVDE Employment Application

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