Welcome School Personnel!

School Administrators

The approval and support of school administrators is essential to the success of virtual school implementation at the local level. Administrators are responsible for insuring student access to technology and instructional support. Administrators are also responsible for the assignment of facilitators to students enrolled in virtual school courses.

School Counselors

School counselors are responsible for identifying students who may benefit from virtual courses, helping students identify appropriate courses, and confirming that courses selected align with the students' five year plan.


Facilitators are on-site personnel whose job is to assist the online teacher in the day-to-day operation of the course. The facilitator is often the only person with whom the student will physically interact.

The facilitator must be a member of the school faculty, be physically present on the participating school’s campus, and hold appropriate licensing. To support communication and collaboration with the online teacher, the facilitator must have access to email, Internet, a phone, and fax machine.

Specific duties of the facilitator include, but are not limited to: