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West Virginia Virtual School


If you are a Virtual School Contact and do not have a username/password for the new registration system, please contact our registrar at wvvs@k12.wv.us for assistance. Please indicate your name, school.  If you already have a password, you may go directly to the online registration system and follow the steps below.


Step 1: Enter your e-mail address and password.  If you are entering the system for the first time with a temporary password, you will immediately be required to change your password. Once you are logged in, you will see the following tool bar.


Step 2: If there are student-generated enrollments, they will be listed for your approval.  If you wish to generate enrollments yourself, then select "Add Student to Virtual School."

Step 3: Search for the student you want to enroll.  You may do so by entering a first name, last name, or WVEIS code or a combination, thereof.

Step 4: Confirm the selection of the student by clicking on the name.  At this point, a screen will appear below the student record to finalize the enrollment. 

Step 5: Complete the Additional Student Information section.  Please note the school issued email address will autofill.  Do not change this address.  Students must use the school issued email account for virtual courses. 

Step 6: Select the course desired from the pull down lists.  Term refers to when the course begins (i.e. a fall course starts in first semester and a spring course starts in second semester or January).  “Requested start date” for fall should match your county’s start date.

Step 7: The requirements section gives the registrar additional information.  Select State as the funding source for all courses unless your county or the parent will be invoiced for the course.   If you need to communicate additional information, add that in the “Additional Comments” box.

Step 8: Complete the Mentor Information Section.  Note there is a hyperlink in the mentor section “I am the mentor” which will auto-fill the blanks with your information so you do not have to enter it repeatedly.  It is important to enter the correct mentor information if you are not the mentor for the course.

Step 9: Select the course and click Submit.  The request then goes to the Registrar’s desk for approval.

The WVVS should be notified immediately if a student moves, needs dropped from a course, or if a student wants to reactivate a course. If there are questions, please contact the West Virginia Virtual School for assistance.