Approximately 350 million people speak Spanish around the world. It is the most-frequently spoken language in the western hemisphere and the third most-spoken language in the world. Knowing Spanish not only equips people to talk with their neighbors; it prepares students to travel and interact with citizens and cultures around the world.

The WV Virtual School offers two Spanish language programs. The middle school program allows students to take Spanish 1A in the seventh grade and Spanish 1B in the eighth grade. Students completing both years will earn high school credit for Spanish 1. Spanish 1 and Spanish 2 are also available in traditional and block formats.

The WV Virtual School uses a unique combination of digital content, phone instruction, and on-site visits to provide students a well-balanced instructional approach. To date, more than 8,500 students have taken advantage of this global learning opportunity.

Whether your motivations are practical, intellectual or personal, learning Spanish is something that will benefit you for the rest of your life!