... a clearinghouse for professional development providing guidance related to IEP development.

The WVDE Office of Special Programs (OSP) acknowledges the challenge of developing and providing quality professional development for district staff who implement special education services for students with exceptionalities. Access and availability of resources which promotes a clear and uniform message for improving professional practice across districts in WV is now available on this TEACHiep site as instructional modules.

Modules are located within the Professional Development tab on this page and address various topics of special education designed for availability on demand. Each module title is a global descriptor of the content contained within arranged as a series of lessons which further detail the key elements of the topic. The lesson design is built in a predictable format so the user can focus on and access the content without concern for site navigation. This format provides the WVDE OSP a mechanism to edit individual module content to reflect clarifications, updates and expectations as they occur.

Facilitating the IEP Process, the first module comprised of eighteen lessons, provides a scaffold for the IEP process as it relates to actions that occur Before, During and After the IEP meeting. The lessons are designed in a predictable format of nine brief components which may include the IEP form, instructions, audio instructions, video, examples, frequently asked questions (FAQ), video script, policy and quiz. These components are packaged so all components are available in one location.