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West Virginia School Bus Transportation, Regulations, Procedures, and Specifications for the Design and Equipment of School Buses


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126-92-1 General.

126-92-2 Purpose.

126-92-3 Bus Passenger Regulations.

126-92-4 Regulations for Students Transported on Buses.

126-92-5 Regulations for Transporting Students with Disabilities Requiring Special Transportation.

126-92-6 Regulations for Transporting Homeless Students.

126-92-7 Student Conduct on Buses.

126-92-8 Procedures for Disciplining Students Transported by Buses.

126-92-9 Medical Exclusion of Students from a Bus.

126-92-10 General Operating Procedures.

126-92-11 Bus Stop Locations.

126-92-12 Loading and Unloading of Student Passengers and Railroad Crossings.

126-92-13 Idling of Buses at Schools and School Functions (W. Va. Code sect.17C-12-7).

126-92-14 Guidelines for Curricular and Extra-curricular Trips.

126-92-15 Guidelines for Bus Routing.

126-92-16 Operator Assignments.

126-92-17 Criteria for the Certification of Operator Candidates and Contract Operators.

126-92-18 Physical Qualifications for Operators.

126-92-19 Physical Examination for Operators and Contract Operators.

126-92-20 Responsibilities of Certified Operators for Renewal of Certification.

126-92-21 Reasons for Suspension, Revocation, or Non-renewal of Certification of Operators.

126-92-22 Procedures for Due Process on the Suspension, Revocation, and Recall of Operator's Certification and Establishment of the Operator Review Panel.

126-92-23 School Bus Operator Safe Drivers' Programs.

126-92-24 School Bus Operator Inspection of School Bus.

126-92-25 County Bus Transportation and Maintenance Systems.

126-92-26 Inspection and Maintenance of Buses.

126-92-27 Incorporation by Reference -- West Virginia Minimum Requirements for Design and Equipment of School Buses.

126-92-28 Severability.

West Virginia Minimum Requirements for Design and Equipment of School Buses (ATTACHMENT A) Please identify section prior to comment

APPENDIX A Prescription and Over-the-Counter Medication Policy Template

Repeal of Policy 4334 West Virginia Minimum Requirements for Design and Equipment of School Buses




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