Barbour County Schools
Vacancy Hotline

Date : 12/20/2014

(Some positions are subject to Board Approval of transfer of existing personnel)

PHILIP BARBOUR : Chemisty/Physics Instructor
PHILIP BARBOUR HIGH SCHOOL : Mathematics Instructor
PHILIP BARBOUR HGIH SCHOOL : Volunteer Assistant Boys Basketball Coach

KASSON ELEMENTARY/MIDDLE SCHOOL : Volunteer Assistant Girls Basketball Coach

ITINERANT : Elementary Homebound Instructor (Extra Curricular)
PHILIP BARBOUR HIGH SCHOOL : Multi-Categorical/Severely Profoundly Impraired Instructor
ITINERANT : PreK/PreK Special Needs Instructor (Half Time)
ITINERANT : Long Term Sbustitute Pre-K/Pre-K Special Needs Instructor Half time
PHILIPPI ELEMENTARY : Multicategorical w/AU/Severely and Profoundly Impaired Instructor
PHILIPPI ELEMENTARY SCHOOL : Elementary Education Instructor

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ITINERANT : Multi-Categorical Homebound Instructor
ITINERANT : Gifted/Multi-Categorical Instructor (half time)
ITINERANT : Hearing Impaired.MultiCategorical Instructor
ITINERANT HOME BASE BELINGTON MIDDLE : Long Term Substitue MultiCategorical Instructor w/Autism
ITINERANT : Long Term Substitute Gifted/Multi-Categorical Instructor
ITINERANT : Long Term Substitue Hearing Impaired/Multi-Categorical Instructor
ITINERANT : Long Term Substitute Multi-Categorical w/AU


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