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Welcome to the Superintendent's Interpretations Website. Interpretations are legal documents authorized by West Virginia Code §18-3-6 which provide answers to specific questions related to the WV Code and Education, as well as State Board Policies and other legal references. In this website you will be able to browse and search for past and present Superintendent's Interpretations. If you have any questions you should refer them to Marlene Price, Legal Secretary.


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I. State Educational Administration
     A. State Board of Education
     B. State Superintendent
II. Curriculum
III. County Educational Administration
     A. County Boards of Education
     B. County Superintendents
IV. Students
V. Personnel
     A. Professional Personnel
     B. Principals, Supervisors, and Central Office Administrators
     C. Service Personnel
VI. School Construction, Buildings, and Sites
VII. Prosecutors, County Commissioners and Assessors
VIII. Finance
IX. Other

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