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Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

(HE. S.1)



K.1.1 identify proper personal hygiene skills (e.g., brushing teeth and hand washing)


K.1.2 describe physical activities students do outside of school that enhances one's health


K.1.3 identify characteristics of healthy snacks


K.1.4 label/identify feelings

(e.g., angry, happy, sad)


K.1.5 describe the role that healthful food plays in developing and maintaining a healthy body and mind


K.1.6 identify tobacco as a harmful substance

K.1.6. B plan


1.1.1 explain the effects on the body of healthful and less healthful foods


1.1.2 verbally list ways to keep germs out of one's body


1.1.3 identify the need for medical checkups and other health-care procedures (e.g., eye and dental exams)


1.1.4 identify the dangers of playing with sharp objects and being in contact with body fluids



2.1.1 identify the functions of sensory organs


2.1.2 identify symptoms of poisoning and how to get help


2.1.3 explain the importance of good dental care and how to demonstrate good dental hygiene


2.1.4 identify situations (e.g., being excluded from a group, being insulted) that promote specific feelings of hurt and develop skills to overcome those feelings


2.1.5 describe how immunizations and medicines help fight disease