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Health Behaviors (HE.S.3)



HE.HS.3.1 complete a personal health assessment and detail behavioral changes and strategies to enhance health and reduce risk.


HE.HS.3.2 recognize and demonstrate the positive effects of nutrition and physical activity on health.


HE.HS.3.3 list examples and explain short and long term impacts of health decisions (e.g., smoking, good diet, wearing seat belts) on the individual, family and community (e.g., lung cancer, heart disease, STDs).


HE.HS.3.4 identify signs of stress and common stressors and develop effective stress management.


HE.HS.3.5 identify causes, warning signs and prevention strategies of depression and suicide.


HE.HS.3.6 identify ways to develop good character and improve self-esteem.


HE.HS.3.7 identify causes (e.g., accidents, natural disasters), preventions (e.g., CPR, first aid, in-school emergency plan) and treatments for injuries and list responsible actions to create a safe and healthy environment (e.g., boating, bicycling, firearms, seatbelts, fire safety).