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Goal Setting and Decision Making

(HE. S.6)



HE.K.6.1 set a goal of eating a healthy snack everyday.


HE.K.6.2 set a goal to exercise daily with adult guidance.


HE.K.6.3 determine the appropriate people to ask for help in a fire, sudden illness, child abuse situations, etc.


HE.1.6.1 set goals for task completion.


HE.1.6.2 decide when problems (e.g., child abuse) require the help of a trusted adult.


HE.1.6.3 use decision-making skills to select a healthful meal.




HE.2.6.1 use decision-making skills to avoid unhealthy risk taking behaviors (e.g., swimming alone, talking with strangers, taking medicines without adult supervision).


HE.2.6.2 record eating and exercise habits and discuss positive and negative health behaviors.


HE.2.6.3 work with a family member to plan a family meal.