GRADE: High School 

Primary Standard: Communications

Learning Plan Title: "Good Grief?"


HE.HS.5.2 The student will   exhibit healthy ways to express feelings, needs and desires in different situations (e.g., good sportsmanship, ending relationships, death and dying, stages of grief).

Performance Descriptor:

Mastery Level: The student will . . . describe appropriate ways to express feelings in a variety of situations.




Worksheet with scenarios

Learning Plan

Related Health Content Standards and Objectives:

Standard 3: Health Behaviors

HE.HS.3.4    The student will identify signs of stress and common stressors and develop effective stress management.

HE.HS.3.5    The student will identify causes, warning signs and prevention strategies of depression and suicide.

Standard 6: Decision Making

HE.HS.6.3    The student will analyze the effects of potentially harmful decisions that impact health and the effect these decisions have on their family, community and self (ATOD use, STD transmission, pregnancy prevention, teen parenting).

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