Primary Standard: Health Behaviors


Learning Plan Title: “Why Take The Risk?”


HE. 7.3.2 analyze the difference between safe and risky behaviors, including methods for preventing pregnancy and STDs (e.g., abstinence and methods of birth control).


Performance Descriptor

Mastery Level: Students will recognize rationales supporting the importance of assuming responsibility for personal sexual health behaviors; and recognize causes of stress, anxiety and/or depression.




Flip chart and marking pens

Learning Plan:  

Write the following questions on a flip chart. Keep the questions covered until the activity is explained.

•  Do you avoid using tobacco in any form?

•  Do you avoid using alcohol in any form?

•  Do you exercise regularly (30 minutes three times per week)?

•  Do you avoid eating fried food such as donuts and French fries?

•  Do you wear a seat belt every time you ride in a car?

•  Do you floss your teeth every day?

•  Do you wear a helmet when you ride a bike?

•  Do you generally eat breakfast?

•  Is your weight appropriate for your height and sex?


Explain to students that you will read a list of health related behaviors. They are to take a personal inventory. When you read the question, they should write the number of the question and yes of no on a piece of paper. Assure then that paper will not be collected. After the entire list has been read, display the list of question for reference. Discuss why teenagers take risks. Do some teenagers feel less vulnerable to harm than others? Are the long-term consequences less important for some people than for others? Have they taken greater risks or lesser risks at another time in their lives? Do they feel that the choices that they make now will affect them later in their lives? Why or why not? How do some risks compare with the risk of contracting HIV?

Related Health Content Standards and Objectives:

Goal Setting and Decision Making Objectives

HE.8.6.2   explain the effects that different choices, regarding sexual behaviors, can have on their personal future.

HE.8.6.3   describe how personal health goals are influenced by changing information, abilities, priorities and responsibilities.



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