Primary Standard: Health Promotion and Disease Prevention


Learning Plan Title: “ There Are Choices”


HE.5.1.3 The student will explain potentially dangerous situations (e.g., bullying) and know how to obtain help appropriately.

Performance Descriptor:

Mastery Level:  Fifth grade students performing at the mastery level will describe potentially dangerous situations and explain how to obtain help appropriately.


Index cards for scenarios

Learning Plan:  

  • Discuss with students potentially dangerous situations(i.e. bullying, riding with strangers, internet chat, walking alone, etc)
  • Grouped students will then create a role play of a dangerous situation.
  • Students will then act out the script for the class.
  • Students will add appropriate ways of obtaining help into the role play.
  • Students will then act out the script that includes help.


Related Health Content Standards and Objectives:

Standard 2: Health Information and Services

HE.5.2.1 Students will list activities that community agencies do to promote safety.

Standard 3:  Health Behaviors

HE.5.3.1  Students will distinguish between safe and risky or harmful behaviors in relationships and list strategies (e.g. anger management, peer pressure reversal, self-protecive strategies) to reduce threatening situations.

Standard 5:  Communication

HE.5.5.5  Students will explain the value of assertive strategies when asking for help in an emergency.

HE.5.5.6  Students will practice assertiveness and refusal skills.


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