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The student will . . .











(HE. S.5)



HE.6.5.1 identify positive and socially appropriate ways to express needs, wants and feelings.


HE.6.5.2 identify communication skills to build and maintain healthy relationships.


HE.6.5.3 identify the possible causes of conflict among youth and strategies to manage conflict in schools and communities.


HE.7.5.1 explain how character and personality (e.g., confident = aggressive; shy = passive, etc.) affect the perception of one's ability to communicate.


HE.7.5.2 discuss ways one can develop healthful family relationships


HE.7.5.3 explain steps that can be taken to improve dysfunctional family relationships; discuss adjustments that can be made if family changes occur.



HE.8.5.1 demonstrate ways to communicate care, consideration and respect of self and others (e.g., peer mediation, conflict resolution).


HE.8.5.2 demonstrate refusal skills to protect personal health against risky and harmful behaviors (e.g., pregnancy, drunk driving, STDs, ATOD, dating violence, harassment).