Primary Standard:

Goal Setting and Decision Making



Learning Plan Title: “ Good Judgments in Risky Situations”



HE. 3.6.5 The student will practice making good judgments in risky situations.

Performance Descriptor:

Mastery Level:  Students will recognize personal decisions and factors that contribute to positive health decisions including making good judgments in risky situations.



Chart paper, and markers

Learning Plan:

Additional Health Learning Plan Links:


Standard 1: Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

HE. 3.1.2 list ways to prevent the spread of germs.


Standard 3: Health Behaviors

HE.3.3.2 use protective gear.

HE.3.3.4 describe possible risky health situations at home, in school, and in the community.

HE.3.3.6 differentiate between healthy and unhealthy behaviors or comments.

HE.3.3.7 explain how personal choices and behaviors can reduce accidents.


Standard 6: Goal Setting and Decision Making

HE.3.6.2 assess factors that contribute to achieving and maintaining a healthy body.