Preparing West Virginia Schools


for Potential Pandemics


 H1N1-Pandemic Influenza

    Bird flu progression

A pandemic is a global disease outbreak. A flu pandemic occurs when a new influenza virus emerges for which people have little or no immunity, and for which there is no vaccine. The disease spreads easily person-to-person, causes serious illness, and can sweep across the country and around the world in very short time.

Wherever and whenever a pandemic starts, everyone around the world is at risk. Countries might, through measures such as border closures and travel restrictions, delay arrival of the virus, but cannot stop it.

The West Virginia Department of Education recognizes that schools play an integral role in protecting the health and safety of staff, students, and their families.  The department is working with other state agencies in planning for potential pandemic flu outbreaks.

Pandemic Influenza Information for Schools, Parents and Students


Memo From Dr. Paine and Dr. Slemp concerning out-of-state field trips(May, 2009)

Conference Calls


H1N1 Conference Call Audio wav (0:10:15)

H1N1 School-located Vaccination Clinic Planning September 22, 2009 PowerPoint  


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H1N1 Conference Call PowerPoint

School Dismissal Monitoring System

H1N1 Community and School Based Vaccination Clinics
Family Preparedness
School Personnel Preparedness

WVDE Pandemic Plan and Other Policies

Suggested Lesson Plans for Pandemic Influenza
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