2013 KidStrong Conference

June 11-12, 2013

Charleston Civic Center




2013 KidStrong Conference Power Point Presentations and Handouts

Day 1,


June 11, 2013


9 a.m. – 10:30 am

Title: Strategies for Saving Your Sanity

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Mike Thomson


11:55 am – 12:50 pm

Speaker: R. Booth Goodwin II

United States Attorney Southern District of WV


Session Title: WV Gets Wise: Sex Education Built to Last

Speaker: Danene Sorace


Session Title: Reproductive Health

Speaker: Jeannie Yoost


Session Title: Proper Asthma Management

Speaker: Cynthia Keely


Session Title: Fuel Up to Play 60, Scoring for Wellness Wins!

Speaker: Mike Thomson

Panel- Sue Peros, Electa Crowder, Brittany Good

and Robin Harmon


Session Title: SBIRT

Speaker Jim Matney

                Module 1

                Module 2

                Module 3


Session Title: Teen Perspective

Deena Ellison and Kate Flack


Session Title: Hypertension

Speaker: William Neal


Session Title: Resources for Type One Diabetes

Speaker: Tammy Owen, Lori Haapala and Gina Frye


Session Title: Management of Celiac Disease

Speaker: Beverly Blough


Session Title: SBIRT

Speaker: Jim Matney


Session Title: Teaching Sexual Health Education

Speaker: Darlene Koerber


Session Title: Seizure Management

Speaker: Mary Payne


Session Title: Juvenile Diabetes from the view of a Pediatric Endocrinologist

Speaker: Amanda Dye


Session Title: Carbohydrate Counting 101:

Helping Students Make Good Choices in the School Cafeteria

Speaker: Linda St. Clair


Session Title: WVDE School Nurse Certification

Speaker Scottie Ford


Session Title: Cyber/Technology Safety Panel

(Facebook, Twitter, sexting, bullying, threats, responsibilities, roles, etc.)

Panel: Corporal Marlene Moore, Terry Fenger, Evan Patterson, Brian Lanham,

Ron Reedy, Sherri Goodman and Judge Alan Moats


Session Title: So You are interested in Getting More Mental Health Services – Now What?

Panel: Linda Anderson, Jenni Durham, Margy Burns, Tiffany Pittman and Mindy Thorton

Handout (1)

Handout (2)

Handout (3)


Session Title: Crisis Response Plan Development

Speaker(s): Mike Pickens and Janet Lynch


Session Title: Policy 4373

Speaker: Don Chapman)


Expected Behaviors-School and Community Social Skills Standards Checklists PK-1

Expected Behaviors-School and Community Social Skills Standards Checklists 2-4

Expected Behaviors-School and Community Social Skills Standards Checklists 5-8

Expected Behaviors-School and Community Social Skills Standards Checklists 9-12

Survey Expected Behaviors-School and Community Social Skills Standards Checklists 2-4

Survey Expected Behaviors-School and Community Social Skills Standards Checklists 5-8

Survey Expected Behaviors-School and Community Social Skills Standards Checklists 9-12

Next Generation Crosswalk PK-1

Next Generation Crosswalk 2-4

Next Generation Crosswalk 5-8

Next Generation Crosswalk 9-12


Session Title: Synthetic Drugs

Cathy Coontz


Session Title: Community Schools

Panel: Paula Fields, Teresa Mace, Pat Withrow, Ellenda Ward

and Judith Koehler


Session Title: Exercise for Strength: How Drills and Exercise Can Strengthen School Safety and Security

Speaker: Sheila Diaz


Session Title: School-Wide Positive Behavior Support:

Facilitating District Wide Involvement

Speaker: Gia Deasy


Session Title: Drug Trends in WV

Speaker: Cathy Coontz


Session Title: Screening for Mental Health Needs

Speaker: Hope Siler


Session Title: Active Shooter-Prevention/Preparation

Speaker: Captain Lee


Session Title: Implementing “It Does Matter”

Speaker: Keith Dalton


Session Title: “Above the influence-Panel Discussion

Speaker: Greg Puckett – No PPT


Session Title: Sanity Savers with Dr. Mike- The “How-To” Follow-up

Speakers: Dr. Mike Thomson


Session Title: WV Coaches Asthma Clipboard

Speaker: Cynthia Keely



Day Two


June 12, 2013


8:00a.m. – 9:30 a.m. Welcome Keynote

“Community Schools are Healthy Schools”

Speaker: Martin Blank



Session Title: Long Acting Reversible Contraception and Adolescents

Speaker: Jennie Yoost


Session Title: Mobile Dentistry

Speaker: Eric Hunt


Session Title: You Want a SBHC, Now What


Speaker(s): Mary Grandon and Kelli Caseman


Session Title: CEO, Breakfast Initiative and Local Wellness

Speaker: Keri Kennedy and Kristi Blower


Session Title: Discipline Management System

Speaker(s): David Hudnall, Andy Whisman, Richard Pettit and Diane Blume  


Session Title: Using iPad in Your Discussion with Teens

Speaker: Deena Ellison


Session Title: Exploring the Redesign of WV Oral Health Program

Speaker(s): Deonna Williams and Gina Sharps


Session Title: CARDIAC Project

Speaker(s): William Neal, Valerie Minor and Tammy Jo Pyle-Vicars


Session Title: Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program and Farm to School Across West Virginia

Speaker(s): Andy Pense and Bekki Leigh


Session: Stock Epinephrine in WV Public Schools: A NEW Law

Speaker(s): Thom Stevens and Carol Cipoletti

Video Session (May take a few minutes to open or save)


Session Title: 2013 Information on Teen Pregnancy for WV

Speaker(s): Margaret Chapman-Pomponio and Camilla Eubanks


Session Title: Improving Nutrition through School and

Community Gardens

Speaker: Jill Nolan


Session Title: 5-2-1-0 Developing Adolescent Healthy Lifestyles

Speaker(s): Mary Grandon and Stephanie Montgomery


Session Title: Common Ground

Speaker(s): Shelly DeBerry and Col. James W. Runyon


Session Title: Understanding How Homeland Security Collects and Maintains Information on Schools

Speaker: David Hoge


Session Title: Red Flag Issues in Student Discipline: The Safe Schools Act and Policy 4373

Speaker: Richard Boothby


Session Title: Substance Abuse Trends and Classroom Implications

Speaker: Kathy Paxton


Session Title: A Toolkit for Student and Family Engagement

Panel: Linda Watts, Jeanette Rowsey, Tiffany Pittman and

Rhonda McCormick

Handout:  Toolkit Strategies


Session Title: School Access Safety after Newtown-SBS

Speaker: Mark Manchin


Session Title: School Climate

Panel: Greg Cartwright, Larry Stinn, Judi Coffman, Nancy Brown,

Mary Jane Vredeveld and Roger Miller


Session Title: Cross System Planning & Action Reaps

Statewide Benefits

Speaker: Kathy Paxton


Session Title: Back to Class for Frequent Flyers

Speaker: Sheila Rose

Handout: Coping Skills for Kids


Session Title: Time to Teach

Speaker: Roger Miller


Session Title: Support for Personalized Learning (SPL)

Speakers: Matt Dotson and Susan Beck

Handout (1) Quick Reference Guide

Handout (2) Profile Classroom

Handout (3) Action Plan Classroom


Session Title: Drug Endangered Children

Speaker: Andrea Darr


Session Title: Concussions and Student-Athletes

Speaker: Ray Londeree


Session Title: Activities to Improve Fitness Assessment and FitnessGram/Health Education Assessment Project 2012/2013

Speaker(s): Rick Deem and Vicky Lacey


Session Title: KINECT FOR XBOX 360: West Virginia: State-Wide Movement with the Kinect for Xbox 360                                                   

Speakers: Bonnie Phelan and Mary Weikle

Handout (1) Game recommendations


Session Title: Fitness testing recommendations: Is there a

disconnect between theory and practice?

Speakers: Dr. Wes Meeter and Dr. Mike Miller


Closing Ceremonies: Let’s Talk About Sex

Speaker: David Campbell