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Health and Wellness


Our mission is to provide leadership, training and support for schools and their communities designed to improve collaboration and ensure the health and educational achievement of children in a safe, nurturing and disciplined environment.





Health and Wellness Information


2015-16 School Nurse Needs Assessment

The School Nurse Needs Assessment is an executive summary of the current student health service needs in WV public schools.  It is an aggregated report of statewide data.  The report is required by W.Va. Code 18-5-22 f  from each county school nurse and normally completed every two years to allow revision to the Basic and Specialized Health Care Procedure Manual for WV Public Schools as stated in Policy 2422.7- Standards for Health Care Procedures.   This report should be utilized in planning for staffing and service delivery to provide WV children with proper health services to function at an optimal level and ensure educational achievement.



2015-16 WV Public School Nurse Needs BRIEF with MAP



2015-16 WV Public School Nurse Needs ASSESSMENT














Annual 2017 KidStrong Conference



2016 KidStrong- Concord University Graduate Credit Assignment


  • 2016 KidStrong Graduate Assignment - CLICK HERE  
  • 2016 KidStrong Graduate Assignment Part B Project/Implementation Plan Reflection (due May 7, 2017) - CLICK HERE   NEW !













School Immunization Resources

WVDHHR School Requirements

WVDE -Immunization Entry Records and Step-by-Step Notification

WVDE Immunization Talking Points


WVDE School Readiness Tool Kit with promotional materials

PowerPoint from October 26, 2016


Webinar from October 26, 2016 on MU websites

WVBE-Policy 2423 with HealthCheck in Section 5.1








HealthCheck Tools for Schools (PDF)

WVDE School Readiness Tool Kit with promotional materials WV HealthCheck Periodicity Schedule

WV HealthCheck Health History/Health Screening Forms

WV HealthCheck Parent Preventive Care Tips for all ages


DRAFT WVDE School Readiness Tool Kit with promotional materials

Regional HealthCheck Map 2016

PowerPoint from October 26, 2016


Webinar from October 26, 2016 on MU website

WVBE-Policy 2423 with HealthCheck in Section 5.2









Dental Exam Tool Kit (PDF)

Dental Exam Tool Kit (WORD)


DRAFT Dental Tool Kit with Grade 7

Dental Exam Flyer

WVDE School Readiness Tool Kit with promotional materials

Oral Health Technical Assistance Request Log

PowerPoint from October 26, 2016


Webinar from October 26, 2016 on MU website

WVBE-Policy 2423 with dental exam in Section 5.3









Diabetes Tool Kit -The diabetes tool kit is filled with sample newsletters, Hemoglobin A1C chart and many other materials for Type 1 diabetic students.


JDRF Bags of Hope -The Bag of Hope is a complimentary over-the-shoulder satchel filled with a variety of educational and reference materials. For children under the age of 12, the Bag of Hope also includes Rufus, the Bear with Diabetes ™, a plush bear designed to help children learn about insulin injections.


W.Va. Code 18-2K-1-

Diabetes Care Plan Act















Helping Children Cope with Diasters (PDF)

Taking Care of Your Emotional Health after a Disaster (PDF) -one-page handout

Brief Information on Childhood Traumatic Grief FOR SCHOOL PERSONNEL (PDF)

Quick Brief on Recovery After a Flood for Teachers and Parents (PDF)

Compendium of Resources for Immediate Disaster Behavioral Health Response (PDF)


TRAINING:  FREE Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Training - this is the help offered to a person developing a mental health problem or experiencing a mental health crisis. The first aid is given until appropriate treatment and support are received or until the crisis resolves.

Contact Dianna Bailey-Miller at or (304) 695-1155 to schedule a MHFA training for your school or county. 


SERVICES:  If your school or county is interested in finding school-based mental health services, please contact Jackie Payne, WV Project AWARE Coordinator at Marshall University- WV Autism Training Center at or (304) 696-2332.




















Responding to and Preventing School Violence and Suicide

Helping Kids During Crisis

Helping Children Cope

Talking to Children about the Shooting

Psychological Impact of the Recent Shooting

Parent Guidelines for Helping Youth after the Recent Shooting

















Policy 4373 Electronic Manual (Included in this manual are links to implementation tools)


WEST VIRGINIA SCHOOLS Crisis Prevention and Response Plan Template

Addressing Mental Health in School Crisis Prevention & Response

Safe and Supportive Schools (S3) Intervention Plan

Safe and Supportive Schools(S3) Teams Slide Show


WV Safe and Supportive Schools GATE Training Information


Link to Bullying Prevention Resources


Health Education Assessment (HEAP) Administrative Instructions





Upcoming Events


2016/17 School Year

Medicaid Trainings for School Nurses


Contact Terry Riley at or call 304-558-2696 to schedule a training in your county or RESA.


  • August 8, 2016 at 9am in Spring Valley High School in Huntington (RESA 2 area)

Monthly School Health Webinars with WVDE and Marshall University


Contact Rebecca King at or call 304-558-2696.





Past Events





2016 KidStrong Conference on June 21-23 at the

Charleston Civic Center, WV



  • Conference EvaluationCLICK HERE to complete the confernece evaluation.  If you need assistance with completing the online forms, please ocntact Stephanie Montgomery at or (304) 634-1008.  If you have questions abount Continuing Educaiton Credits, please contact Amy Leedy at or (304) 691-1192.




2016 KidStrong Concord University Graduate Credit

  • Concord University Graduate Credit Course Registration Form - CLICK HERE   Please complete in advance and bring to the Concord University Registration Table at the 2016 KidStrong Conference.  You must attend two full days of the KidStrong conference and complete required assignment.  The cost for 3 hours of non-degree graduate credit is $99.00, payable in the form of a check or credit card.Concord

  • 2016 KidStrong Graduate Assignment - CLICK HERE  
  • 2016 KidStrong Graduate Assignment Part A Implementation Plan - CLICK HERE  
  • 2016 KidStrong Graduate Assignment Part B Project/Implementation Plan Reflection (due May 7, 2017) -CLICK HERE   NEW!




2016 KidStrong Conference Presentations


Day 1
Day 2
Day 3

Recreation and Sport: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow!

 Bob Lujano, MS

Pre-Hospital Use and Administration of Naloxone 


Dr. Elizabeth Scharman

The Changing Role of School Counselors: Past to Present - From Isolated Service to Valued Callaborator


Dr. Norm Gysbers, Professor Emeritus of the University of Missouri

Inclusive PE/PA Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow! Benefits for Everyone


Bob Lujano & Chris Mackey



Dr. Elizabeth Scharman


Student Centered School Counseling


Dr. Norm Gysbers

Boost Your Brain


Tony Lamka

Nutrition in Action


Tim Bender & Sharon Maynard



Amy Carlson

Bain Info Resources


Tony Lamka

From School Counselor to a Comprehensive School Counseling Program: Collaborating to Support Student Success


Dr. Norm Gysbers

Moving from “Developmental Guidance” to Integrated Delivery of the WVSSS


-2 Mini Expedition Week

-5 Mini Expedition Week

Mary Svingos & Tiffany Elkins

Make it Happen: Best Practices and Resources along with GoNoodle and Operation Tone Up


Josh Grant, GoNoodle & Tony Lamka


Veterans Mental Health


Anna Verschoore, Tracie Hamb & Jennifer Paugh

The Kinesthetic Classroom


-Kinestetic Classroom HO

-Brain Games


Dr. Debbie Stevens-Smith


Understanding the Needs of Students in Out of Home Care


Amanda Davis



Sharon Maynard


Dropout Prevention  on the Frontlines


Emily Pratt

Public School Medicaid Billing for School Nurses


-Nursing Billing Form 2015 SAMPLE

-TCM Activities 2015

-Personal Care Log Sheet 2015


Terry Riley


Personalized Education Plans: A Shared Responsibility


Dr. Barb Brady, Elizabeth Kantor-Bright and John Tomaszewski

Student Centered School Counseling: Using Data to Improve/Prove Your Program


Dr. Norm Gysbers


CPR in Schools Program


Sonya Vezmar


iiPad:  Instruction, Productivity Access and Documentation - They Do It All


Lee Ann Brammer


Gennifer Taylor


Active Academics




Dr. Eloise Elliott