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BFK·Link® Roster Verification

In order to accurately link teachers to students for data quality, educator evaluation, and student growth purposes, public schools in West Virginia will conduct a Roster Verification process once per school year. Roster Verification involves principals, designated school support staff, and teachers in verifying which students were taught by which teacher(s) for a particular subject. Through Roster Verification, teachers review and edit rosters populated from WVDE data systems and then indicate when (which months) the student was in the classroom and the percentage of assigned instruction provided for each student. Principals then validate the teacher-verified rosters.

2014-2015 Roster Verification is Concluded!

Thank you to all the school principals and classroom teachers who participated!


For Questions on Roster Verification Policy and Procedures, Please Contact:

For more information and training resources, please refer to the numerous linked documents (etc.) below.


BFK·Link® Training & Support Materials

WV Roster Verification: Guidelines and Special Cases (PDF) *Last Updated on 10/30/2014*

WV Roster Verification: Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

Battelle for Kids: Roster Verification Training PowerPoint

Battelle for Kids: Principal and Support Team Guide (Text / PDF)

WV Roster Verification: Principal and Support Team Guide (Graphics / PDF)

Battelle for Kids: Roster Verification Teacher Guidebook

Battelle for Kids: Roster Verification Interactive Teacher Tutorial

Battelle for Kids: Roster Verification District Administrator Guidebook

WV Roster Verification: Course Code Guidance Document

BFK·Link® Demonstration Site Information

The following documents detail the correct way to access and utilize the BFK·Link® Demonstration Site. The Demonstration Site is intended to be used for Training Purposes Only. All email accounts, educator names, and student rosters found within the Demonstration Site are fictitious, created by the Battelle for Kids organization expressly for training purposes in West Virginia. Please review each of the following documents carefully before utilizing the Demonstration Site.

BFK·Link® Demonstration Site: Introduction & Log-in Account Information

BFK·Link® Demonstration Site: Assigned District & RESA Account Numbers

BFK·Link® Demonstration Site: Practice Tasks

BFK·Link® Videos

The following videos have been provided by Battelle for Kids and WVDE for training purposes.

1) Why Linkage

2) What is Linkage

3) Why is Linkage Important

4) Linkage Roles

5) What is Teacher Verification

6) Linkage Final Steps