Plans for Continuous Improvement

The educator evalutation system offers educators plans to address areas of concern as part of a comprehensive system of support. A school culture based on trust, support and professional growth is foundational for success. The plans invite educators to participate actively in improving professional practice while acknowledging that significant support is necessary for optimal results. For detailed information regarding the Plans for Continuous Improvement, please review the appropriate sections within the Educator Evaluation guidebooks.

Summary of the Focused Support Plan

The Focused Support Plan is a proactive, preventative measure that supports individual improvment and professional growth. A Focused Support Plan may commence only after a purposeful conversation between educator and evaluator and when there is documented evidence indicating an area of concern based on one or more of the performance standards.

Summary of the Corrective Action Plan

The Corrective Action Plan is typically initiated when a Focused Support Plan results in inadequate progress and when an evaluation is completed that shows unsatisfactory performance on one or more of the professional standards. The Corrective Action Plan is determinative and may not be repeated.